7 Movies Like Thirteen Lives You Must See


Amazon Prime’s ‘Thirteen Lives’ is a rescue story primarily based totally on real-life events. At its focus are 13 individuals who discover themselves trapped inside a cave that has been intently flooded. As the rescuers and volunteers arrive, and the media gathers exterior, the complete world holds its breath and waits for the twelve boys and their soccer coach to return again out safely. The film makes use of the feeling of claustrophobia and the sense of urgency to accentuate the stress. As the divers traverse the path that’s larger than a mile prolonged and spend hours on end there, a means of uneasiness is induced, which doesn’t go away even after the film ends.

The most horrifying issue regarding the film is that the wrestle shouldn’t be in the direction of some massive, scary issue from one other world. It is Mother Nature that poses the toughest battles. If you may be looking out for further films that uncover the themes of a wrestle in the direction of nature, the time figuring out, and the choking sense of confined areas, then we’ve quite a lot of options. Here are the flicks like ‘Thirteen Lives’ you may watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or totally different streaming firms:

7. 47 Meters Down (2017)

If you thought cave diving was an extreme sport then you have to watch ‘47 Meters Down’. Starring Mandy Moore throughout the lead place, it follows the story of two sisters who resolve to go cage diving. It entails them getting inside a cave that’s held by a winch system as they’re lowered into the ocean with sharks lurking throughout the surroundings. Things get robust when the winch system breaks and the sisters are trapped contained within the cage on the ocean floor whereas their oxygen present runs low.

6. The Finest Hours (2016)

Starring Chris Pine and Casey Affleck throughout the lead roles, that’s one different film that’s primarily based totally on the true story of a daring rescue. Set throughout the 50s, it follows a coast guard who leads a workforce of males to rescue the crew of an oil tanker that has been sheared in half in the middle of the ocean. The crew members are trapped and the state of affairs is dire as a result of the local weather grows worse with every passing minute, which means that the rescuers are risking merely as lots as a result of the crew to complete this mission. They have to survive the wrath of the mighty ocean that’s merely as unforgiving as a result of the rains pouring down on them.

5. Tunnel (2016)

This South Korean survival drama follows the story of an individual who’s trapped inside his vehicle which is buried beneath the particles of a collapsed tunnel. Lee Jung-soo was on his method dwelling to have an excellent time his daughter’s birthday. But now that he’s trapped in a state of affairs that seems unattainable to return again out of, the one issue that retains him hoping is his partner speaking to him via the radio. What makes it worse is that the rescue operation within reason sluggish and doesn’t give lots hope to the pores and skin world regarding his survival.

4. Against the Ice (2022)

If you thought getting trapped in a flooded cave for two weeks was a horrifying ordeal, put collectively your self for this true story that has two males trapped throughout the Arctic, with no hope of rescue for years. Set throughout the early 1900s, ‘Against the Ice‘ follows two males who embark on an expedition to recuperate a map that has sturdy political implications on the destiny of Greenland. In doing so, they’re deserted by crew members who can not launch a right away rescue. The two males battle harsh winters and bouts of madness whereas a rescue is deliberate for them.

3. The Tunnel (2019)

Based on a real story, this Norwegian movie depends on themes just like ‘Thirteen Lives’. It is prepared in a tunnel that collapses when the collision of a tanker truck ends in a fire throughout the tunnel. With a horrible blizzard exterior, an infinite number of people are trapped inside. The troublesome situations exterior the tunnel moreover make it troublesome for the first responders to get there in time and rescue all people. But no matter how robust it’ll get, they should get all people out of the tunnel as the fireside rages inside and threatens a extremely unhealthy future for them.

2. Bølgen (2015)

‘Bølgen’ aka (*7*) is one different Norwegian disaster film to find a spot on this itemizing. Inspired by an precise incident, that occurred larger than as quickly as, it components in course of the reality that there isn’t any such factor as a better energy than nature, and it has the singular functionality to destroy points like nothing else can. Things have been scenic in Geiranger, nevertheless a pure disaster had been predicted. Still, no one was in a position to face a tsunami that emerges when a mountain cross collapses and threatens to kill a number of individuals. While ‘Thirteen Lives’ retains the viewers’ hopes up with the promise of a rescue on one of the best ways, points get direr for the people in (*7*) because of rescue always arrives after a disaster, not all through it. Who will save these people now?

1. Apollo 13 (1995)

Ron Howard shouldn’t be new to creating films about rescuing individuals who discover themselves trapped in unattainable situations. His experience with ‘Apollo 13’ educated a number of ingenious selections in ‘Thirteen Lives’, which is what makes it a needed stay up for anyone looking out for one factor that delivers the similar feelings and outcomes as a result of the one regarding the Thai rescue. Based on the precise moon mission that grow to be an important emergency, it focuses on three astronauts who’re trapped in home en path to the moon, inside their spacecraft which has suffered an explosion that has depleted quite a lot of the oxygen present. How does one rescue individuals who discover themselves not even on Earth?


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