8 Movies Like The Ritual Killer You Must See

‘The Ritual Killer‘ follows Detective Lucas Boyd’s investigation in Clinton, Mississippi, as he delves proper right into a string of perplexing and grotesque murders. The killings are being carried out in accordance with African traditions, leaving Boyd stumped and in need of expert help. Enter African scholar Dr. Mackles, whose knowledge and insights present important in unraveling the enigma behind the murders. The George Gallo directorial is in opposition to the regulation thriller movie that retains you on the sting of your seat. If you need to recreate the experience by watching a movie that’s merely as partaking, then we’ve curated a list of constructive cinematic objects for you. You can watch most of these movement footage identical to (*8*) on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.

8. The Clovehitch Killer (2018)

After his partner’s tragic demise, police psychiatrist Cal Jamison relocates to New York City. The officers summon him to analysis the case of a double homicide that features two youthful victims who appear to be part of a bizarre sacrifice ritual. With his knowledge of Voodoo, Jamison is conscious of that it’s a situation throughout the killings. Despite his housekeeper’s warnings, he immerses himself throughout the investigation and finds himself increasingly more inclined to the sinister influences of the cult. As the stakes rise, the cult requires that he make the ultimate phrase sacrifice of his private son. The Duncan Skiles directorial, ‘The Clovehitch Killer,’ is a thriller film, and just like ‘The Ritual Killer,’ it portrays themes of human sacrifice and a deep dive into the psyche of folks that perform it.

7. Blood Feast (1963)

Mrs. Dorothy Fremont has a special occasion to rejoice, i.e., her daughter Suzette’s birthday. She envisions a grand feast and seeks the help of an space caterer, Fuad Ramses. He ensures to prepare an distinctive Egyptian feast, a menu not served for five millennia. Suzette’s boyfriend, a detective named Pete Thornton, has his palms full with a sequence of grotesque murders. The killer assaults youthful women and harvests their organs. Unbeknownst to all, Ramses is the perpetrator who desires the physique elements to resurrect a goddess who has been lifeless for ages. ‘Blood Feast’ is a splatter horror movie directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. As seen in ‘The Ritual Killer,’ it moreover contains twisted practices related to harming the human physique and organs.

6. Color Me Blood Red (1965)

An art work critic slams an exhibition for its lack of shade prowess. The oddball artist takes points into his private palms, or fairly veins. He embarks on a model new sequence using his life provide, blood, as paint. As the artwork work progresses, so does his depletion. Unable to proceed on his private, he seeks out varied sources of serious fluid. This macabre art work kind useful properties consideration nonetheless harms many innocent lives throughout the course of. ‘Color Me Blood Red’ is a primary splatter film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, and identical to ‘The Ritual Killer,’ it encapsulates the obsession of a person who’d go to any lengths to fulfill his immoral practices.

5. The Wicker Man (1973)

Sergeant Neil Howie of the West Highland Constabulary flies solo to Summerisle in response to a letter from an anonymous provide that experiences the long-term disappearance of a 12-year-old lady, Rowan Morrison. The locals on the island, who seem simple-minded, deny even understanding of Rowan’s existence. As he continues his investigation, he discovers that the islanders keep pagan beliefs about procreation and the bountiful apple crop. Howie believes that Rowan was a sacrifice to ensure a bountiful harvest, and he fears one different sacrifice will happen rapidly. ‘The Wicker Man’ is a people horror movie helmed by Robin Hardy and parallel to (*8*); it revolves spherical an investigation that leads to a darkish web of irregular beliefs and rituals.

4. Kill List (2011)

Jay and Gal, two hitmen, are out of labor for months, they often lastly agree to easily settle for a model new job. However, Jay’s personal life is in disarray. Despite having a partner and son, he’s unable to pay the funds, which locations a strain on his family. During a tense dinner, Gal makes an try to make clear their situation, nonetheless tensions mount, and points shortly escalate. Jay’s paranoia begins to eat him all through the job, and he battles with darkish reminiscences from his earlier. As they progress via the duty, they arrive upon a cult ceremony, which plunges them proper right into a decided wrestle for survival. Sadly, Gal’s mortal wounds depart Jay to face the outcomes of their actions on his private. ‘Kill List’ is a British psychological thriller film directed and co-written by Ben Wheatley and congruent to (*8*); it focuses on two individuals who encounter dangerous occult practices that they try to wrestle in opposition to.

3. The Believers (1987)

Following the tragic lack of his partner, Cal Jamison, a police psychiatrist, relocates to New York to start anew. He is assigned to help throughout the investigation of the deaths of two youths who had been burned alive all through a suspected cult ritual. Jamison believes that the cult practices Voodoo, and he ventures into their territory in opposition to his housekeeper’s suggestion. However, he rapidly turns into engulfed throughout the cult’s spell, they often demand that he present up his private son as a sacrifice. ‘The Believers’ is in opposition to the regulation horror movie primarily based totally on Nicholas Conde’s novel, ‘The Religion.’ It is directed by John Schlesinger and choices Voodoo, a sort of darkish magic that traces once more to Africa, akin to the one depicted in ‘The Ritual Killer.’

2. Midsommar (2019)

Amidst the aftermath of a traumatic family tragedy, Dani, a graduate pupil, clings to her distant and self-centered boyfriend, Christian, as they face the chance of a breakup. In a decided attempt to revive their relationship, Dani joins Christian and his two associates, along with the mysterious Pelle, on a journey to a summer season solstice competitors held as quickly as every ninety years in a distant pagan commune deep throughout the coronary coronary heart of Hälsingland, Sweden. As they arrive on the idyllic paradise, Dani lastly feels content material materials, nonetheless the warmth welcome of the group taints shortly by unsettling customs that depart the group with a rising sense of unease. ‘Midsommar‘ is a folk horror film written and helmed by Ari Aster, and while ‘The Ritual Killer’ is impressed by African Zulu custom, this movie intently refers to Nordic people customized.

1. The Shrine (2010)

A distant Polish village turns into the primary focus of suspicion for a gaggle of journalists who study the disappearance of a youthful American backpacker. They uncover the village to look out out the truth, nonetheless the whole thing takes a sinister flip when hostile locals chase them. The journalists are unable to flee and finally fall prey to the village’s ritualistic human sacrifices. They wrestle for survival and can be found to the idea that the village is concealing a lots darker and additional horrifying secret than they may ever take into consideration. ‘The Shrine’ is a horror film directed by Jon Knautz, and similar to ‘The Ritual Killer,’ the movie begins with discovering options for a doable crime which later turns proper right into a haunting experience with uncanny and detrimental practices.


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