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After the rain in May, the DFW construction project got stuck


The city of Dallas told WFAA that many right-of-way projects were behind schedule after 19 days of rain in May.

Dallas, Texas — Of the 31 days in May, it rained in the Dallas / Fort Worth region for 19 days.

According to D-FW records, May was not the heaviest, but it seems to have rained a total of 7.77 inches. The record is almost 17 inches and was set in 2015.

On average, it rains about 4.78 inches in May, so that month did See above average precipitation.

But, with or without records, the Dallas Public Works Department told WFAA that it supported construction projects in the city, especially right-of-way projects, all the time when it rained.

Obviously, it was not possible to pour cement when it was raining and the crew had to wait for the soil to saturate to resume the project.

“It was a very rainy month,” said Ali Hatefi.

Hatefi is an assistant director of city resurfacing, street cutting, construction inspection, and pavement management.

“At some point, it’s out of our control,” he said.

Hatefi told WFAA that the city has 1,500 to 2,000 ongoing right-of-way projects that were somehow weather-affected.

A right-of-way project is a building that can affect roads and sidewalks.

They could be privately developed, include utility lines, or projects that focus solely on improving roads and sidewalks.

Due to the rain, Hatefy said all the projects the city was working on had to be stopped and the focus was shifted to high water intersections or flooded areas.

“We’re looking at the forecasts and trying to optimize the construction as much as possible. I don’t want to be surprised by the rain, but we have this problem every specific month,” said Hatefi. I will.

The good news is that the crew are competing to catch up and get back on track.

Thankfully, it’s shining a lot now. Hatefi said that if your daily commute contains orange corn, it should help you catch up.

“When summer begins, we expect higher construction activity,” Hatefi said.

After the rain in May, the DFW construction project got stuck

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