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Alabama city leader Tommy Bryant won’t apologize after using n-word in council meeting


TARRANT, Ala. —  A White city leader captured on video using a racial slur towards Black folks throughout a council meeting stated he won’t apologize, and would possibly run for mayor. Others are calling for his resignation.

Tarrant City Council member Tommy Bryant advised information retailers his use of the phrase Monday evening mirrored one thing the city’s Black mayor, Wayman Newton, had stated throughout an earlier non-public meeting.

During a public session, Bryant used the slur to discuss with a Black feminine council member, Veronica Freeman. Before the outburst, neighbors requested Bryant about controversial social media posts allegedly made by his spouse about race, CBS affiliate WIAT-TV studies. 

After being questioned, Bryant stood up and may be heard saying: “The n-word. The n-word. Let’s get to the n-word. Hey. Do we have a house n***** in here? Do we? Hey. Would she please stand up?” Bryant stated.

Some in the viewers gasped at his use of the slur, which was broadcast on Facebook Live, and Freeman left crying, however Bryant was unapologetic.

“I did what needed to be done. It needed to be brought to light what kind of a person the mayor is,” Bryant advised WIAT-TV.

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The mayor stated the video speaks for itself and, in an interview with, denied using the identical slur Bryant uttered in the course of the meeting.

Asked whether or not he’s a racist, Bryant demurred.

“It’s according to what your definition of the word racist is. What a lot of the public’s definition is, I might be a racist. But according to what the true definition of a racist is, absolutely not,” he advised WVTM.

The Alabama NAACP known as for Bryant’s resignation, saying he had “disgraced himself and has stained the position he holds.”

“We are asking Governor Ivey to do that immediately so that this will not become who Alabama is… The world is looking at what this racist has said, and right now this is the face of Alabama,” stated NAACP Alabama president Benard. Simelton.

— CBS 42 (@CBS_42) July 21, 2021

While city elections are nonpartisan in Alabama, the state Democratic Party issued a press release calling for Bryant’s resignation, and the Alabama GOP famous that Mayor Newton is a Republican and stated Bryant’s comment was “completely unacceptable.”

WIAT-TV reached out to Newton, however he declined an interview and stated the video of Monday’s meeting “spoke for itself.”  

Tarrant, which adjoins Birmingham, has a inhabitants of about 6,100 and is about 53% Black, Census statistics present.

Waynette Bonham, who’s Black and in addition identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ group, advised WIAT Bryant ought to resign.

“I was like this was the person that is supposed to be serving our communities? Like, this is supposed to be our representation, he has his own district in Tarrant? No,” stated Bonham.

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