American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained


Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, (*2*) is a spin-off sequence of (*3*) While the distinctive sequence is a seasonal anthology current, the spin-off offers a model new story in every episode. Certain episodes of the spin-off are set throughout the universes of varied seasons of (*3*) For event, the second season premiere is prepared within the an identical universe as ‘American Horror Story: Coven.’

In distinction, (*2*) season 2 episode 3, titled ‘Drive,’ is a standalone episode. It revolves spherical Marci (Bella Thorne), a youthful woman who seems to have an open marriage alongside together with her husband, Chaz (Anthony De La Torre). The evenings usually uncover Marci prowling throughout the nightclub scene of her metropolis. But when people start to vanish, these close to Marci change into fearful for her. Here is each factor it’s important know regarding the ending of (*2*) season 2 episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The episode begins with Marci and her pal Piper visiting a nightclub. There, Marci meets a sexy youthful man named Wyatt. They proceed to have intercourse in Marci’s vehicle. As rapidly as they’re accomplished, Wyatt begins blabbering misogynistic nonsense. This seemingly prompts Marci to throw him out of her vehicle. As she drives once more home, a mysterious Jeep Wrangler begins following her. Whoever is driving the auto tries to get her consideration with headlights and the horn. Panicking, Marci tries to drive away, nevertheless the Wrangler hits her vehicle from behind. Eventually, Marci succeeds in shedding the Wrangler and goes once more home.

The technique Marci and Chaz’s interaction is structured leads the viewers to think about they solely have an open marriage. This is extra solidified by Marci’s apparent actions throughout the nightclubs and her dialog with Piper. Both Piper and Chaz urge Marci to be additional cautious, a warning she ignores.

The subsequent time they exit, a concerned Piper tells Marci to not have intercourse with each different man in her vehicle. So, Marci has intercourse with a woman throughout the vehicle. When Piper finds them, she turns into infuriated, tells Marci that her husband is true that she has a problem, and leaves. The draw back, we’re led to think about, is Marci’s intercourse drive. Marci abruptly spots the Wrangler from the night time time sooner than on the car parking zone of the nightclub. She begins to watch the auto when an individual comes out of the membership and begins driving it. She manages to note down the amount plate sooner than the Wrangler makes a sharp flip and disappears.

At home, Chaz tries to speak to her and proclaims that he’ll most likely be transferring out, nevertheless Marci is simply too preoccupied with discovering additional regarding the Wrangler proprietor to take heed to Chaz. She learns that the individual’s title is Paul and he works as a salesman at a retailer. She visits the store and approaches Paul pretending to be looking out for a cutlery set. Paul flirts alongside together with her with a knife in hand. This is doubtless one of many current’s efforts to make us contemplate that he’s the killer. Looking uncomfortable and even afraid, Marcy leaves. She later follows Paul to his home and discovers that he has collected newspaper clippings of the most recent disappearances.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Who Is the Serial Killer?

While ‘Drive’ offers ample misdirection to degree its viewers in the direction of completely different characters, the reply to most likely probably the most prevalent question of the episode is revealed to be the protagonist herself. When Marci confronts him, Paul admits that he was actually driving the Wrangler that day sooner than explaining that he did what he did to draw her consideration after recognizing an individual throughout the backseat of her vehicle. When he couldn’t uncover her, he generally known as the police. However, he didn’t have her amount plate, so the police couldn’t do one thing. Just when plainly Marci will act on the impulses stemming from her intercourse drive, she injects Paul with some substance. Realizing the hazard he’s in, Paul tries to choke Marci to demise, nevertheless Chaz abruptly arrives and knocks him out.

When Paul wakes up, he finds himself restrained to a chair throughout the basement of Marci’s home. It is revealed that the impulses that Marcy has are to kill people. Paul was correct about seeing an individual throughout the backseat of Marci’s vehicle that day. It was Wyatt, and he was her sufferer, not the perpetrator. Marci’s must torture and kill stems from childhood trauma. She was viciously bullied when she was youthful on account of a birthmark on her face, which she now rigorously hides with make-up every time she goes out. Earlier throughout the episode, Piper asks Marci if she is making up for the misplaced time in highschool. It appears that she was correct in a twisted technique.

Chaz is seemingly the one one which understands her and helps her by eliminating the our our bodies. Although Paul simply isn’t a misogynist like her typical sufferer, she kills him to handle her secret. Right sooner than she does it, she has an epiphany. She realizes the one strategy to save lots of her marriage is to make Chaz an equal companion in crime. As the episode ends, Marci and Chaz kill Piper.


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