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America’s most cheeky lifestyle guru is back


Dallas — After a year of weddings and major events being canceled or postponed due to a pandemic, the production manager is now back on track.

Steve Kemble, one of Texas’s most popular event producers, is also known as America’s most savvy lifestyle guru, returning to a schedule comparable to 2019.

Kemble has created a high-profile event for President Bush and President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and the Dallas Cowboys, to name just a few.

He is usually busy producing large-scale events, including multi-million dollar weddings at the best venues. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed the business, leaving little business in 2020. From March to December, he created only two small events during the normally busy period of the year.

“No one was doing the event, and it was regulated by the government at both the federal and state levels,” Kemble said. “Our industry is literally completely closed.”

With his bold personality and flashy fashion, most of Kemble’s personas are his style. It can be seen in gorgeous decorations, from events he produces to Versace suits once owned by Elton John.

“Often I sell my clients at a $ 1 million party. I have to walk around like a million dollars,” Kemble said.

He’s not a camera stranger, and may recognize him from the many reality shows he’s staring at, such as ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition” and “Platinum Weddings.”

After a very late 2020, in April of this year, he finally returned to Steve Kemble’s standard wedding production, fulfilling the dreams of Dallas’ newlyweds James Haram and Christine Sanders in a two-day luxury. did.

The photo shows a Kemble event held at the Dallas Country Club. The wedding reception of James Haram and Christine Sanders on April 24, 2021 accommodated 400 guests. (Credit: Danny Campbell Photo)

“It was a great event,” Kemble said. “I don’t know how many people have said,’Dress up for the first time in a year!’. That made it even more special. They are very excited to dress up and come back and celebrate again. I was doing it. It was great. ”

To achieve a black tie reception, Kemble and his 85 crew members worked for two days to transform the Dallas Country Club into what Kemble calls the 400-person “magic theater” event space. According to Kemble, one of Kemble’s favorite features at the event, it included a 12-foot-high “LOVE” sculpture made of white roses that acted as a “unique” self-station.

The photo shows Kemble standing in a 12-foot-high “love” sculpture made of white roses for his Haram / Sanders wedding on April 24, 2021. (Credit: Danny Campbell Photo)

As things return to their pre-pandemic state, Kemble says he will miss wearing a bunch of custom-made fashion face masks that he sported last year. He had a mask that fits all his clothes, even when he was shopping for groceries.

“It’s refreshing to see a little normal return,” Kemble said. “From September to December of this year, everything seems to be going as it was in 2019.

Photo by Lupe Zapata, Texas Human Interest Reporter, and Steve Kemble, Dallas Event Producer. (Spectrum News 1 / Lupe Zapata)

Photo by Lupe Zapata, Texas Human Interest Reporter, and Steve Kemble, Dallas Event Producer. (Spectrum News 1 / Lupe Zapata)

A normal schedule means that his unique collection of clothes will finally be seen again at his event.

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