Ashleigh Lindsey Murder: Is Joshua Mahaffey Dead or Alive?


Ashleigh Lindsey was a young, anticipating mom with a life filled with assurance in advance of her. However, she was never ever really eliminate her past, resulting in an unforeseen and also heartbreaking fatality. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Your Worst Nightmare: Cruel Intentions’ explores the occasions leading up to Ashleigh’s murder and also the wrongdoer’s inspirations. So, allow’s figure out what took place to the girl after that, shall we?

How Did Ashleigh Lindsey Die?

Ashleigh Marie Lindsey was a 20-year-old that originally utilized to cope with her moms and dads in Windom,Texas She enjoyed vocal singing and also had actually discovered just how to play the piano and also the guitar. Ashleigh relaxed from college and also operated at a telephone call facility in Durant, Oklahoma, when she fulfilled 28-year-old Joshua Mahaffey in November 2011. The 2 quickly clicked and also relocated with each other within a month of their initial conference.

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However, catastrophe struck Ashleigh on July 13, 2012, at a good friend’s residence inOklahoma On that day, Ashleigh was the sufferer of a ruthless capturing. She had actually been fired in the face and also shoulder, causing an incredible loss of blood. She after that, Texas was 16 weeks expecting. The was required to a healthcare facility in Ashleigh, yet she was brain-dead.

Who Killed Ashleigh Lindsey physicians could not conserve

Ashleigh’s unborn child either.Joshua Mahaffey?Joshua Scott was presented to Mahaffey by her colleague at the time,Scott Ashleigh and also While were roomies, and also Mahaffey relocated with them later on. violent the pair’s partnership began well, points deviated for the even worse soon. Ashleigh was recognized to be In and also had actually been literally violent in the direction of Mahaffey reportedly often times. Ashleigh one circumstances, he placed her head via a wall surface, and also in an additional, he melted her skin with cigarettes. Ashleigh raped Mahaffey.After: filed for a restraining order events such as these, Ashleigh solved to leavefiled However leaving, she Mahaffey versus him. She likewise Heather Lara a cops record declaring misuse. Oklahoma, Before Ashleigh proceeded escaping the authorities and also bothered her with call.

Now after that relocated with a good friend called Mahaffey in He to avoid for some time. His was killed, she was expected to visit a females’s sanctuary to shield herself and also her expected infant.Mahaffey, the authorities likewise discovered that suicidal behavior had an extensive criminal background. On had actually been wed a minimum of 3 times prior to and also was recognized to disregard security orders. Joshua Scott rap sheet likewise consisted of attack, battery, and also hiding taken home. Before likewise had a background ofAshleigh Scott the day of the murder, he was aided by Chad Page, his roomie. Then mosting likely to where Mahaffey was living, Heather had actually fired and also eliminated his mom’s partner,

How Did Joshua Mahaffey Die, since he really did not like him.

Once Joshua Mahaffey, he took his auto, got Scott, and also drove to Heather’s home.Mahaffey?Ashleigh and also The went to Scott’s, Heather shot Mahaffey two times prior to firing himself. Ashleigh authorities thought that In held Mahaffey, avoiding her from calling 911, while Scott shotAshleigh

In October completion, with December dead, Ashleigh was billed with 3 matters of first-degree murder, consisting of one for “It’s complicated because it’s kind of a sense of relief. I got to say everything I wanted to say, but at the same time, it’s not total justice because what is total justice when you lose a child?”

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the very same year, he was bied far 3 life sentences without the opportunity of parole. (*)’s mom claimed she enjoyed with the sentence, including, (*): (*)?(*)