Beirut Pakbara’s Death: How Did the Thai Navy SEAL Die? Thirteen Lives Update


When a youth soccer group, aged between 11 and 16, along with their 25-year-old assistant coach, went to find the Tham Luang cave on June 23, 2018, no one anticipated it to lead to chaos. However, that’s precisely what occurred since heavy rainfall quickly flooded the superior pure cave system beneath the Doi Nang Non mountains in Thailand, trapping all 13 of them deep inside. They actually weren’t discovered until 9 days later, and it took eight further days to convey them to complete safety, as rigorously chronicled on Amazon Prime’s survival drama ‘Thirteen Lives.’

The blissfully stunning facet, though, is that every single one amongst them not solely made it out alive, nevertheless that they had been moreover largely bodily unharmed no matter even the sedation for the rescue. Yet sadly, two native Thai divers (Navy SEAL officers) misplaced their lives as a consequence of utterly completely different causes related to the intensive, intense operation — Saman Gunan along with Beirut Pakbara. So now, in case you need to be taught further with reference to the latter’s painfully tragic demise, notably, we’ve acquired all of the publicly obtainable particulars for you.

Beirut Pakbara’s Cause of Death

In late December 2019, Petty Officer First Class Beirut Pakbara died from a unusual an an infection he’d contracted better than 17 months prior in his efforts to rescue the 12 youngsters and their devoted coach. He had been receiving treatment all via this period, nevertheless his state of affairs nonetheless worsened until it reached the goal of no return after the an an infection acquired into his bloodstream, according to tales. His mother even claimed he’d been in and out of the hospital as a result of the mission, but it surely didn’t make a distinction in the long run.

“Mourning Sergeant Major Beirut Pakbara, the hero of the Tham Luang cave who passed away,” the assertion by the SEALs to confirm Beruit’s dying on December 27, 2019, reads, partially. “The Royal Thai Navy would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Sergeant Beirut.” They moreover launched he would acquire a posthumous promotion to the rank of lieutenant along with a royal decoration.

We should level out the Royal Thai Navy further promised Beirut’s property funds totaling just about 465,000 baht (spherical $15,500 on the time) as part of an inheritance bonus, explicit compensation, and gratuity. The official was reportedly buried by his family the equivalent day as a result of the announcement — Friday — on the Talosai mosque in his native Satun’s Langu district following a normal Islamic funeral rituals ceremony.

The completely different rescue diver, 37-year-old former Navy SEAL officer and energetic volunteer Saman “Sam” Guman, had died on the mission on July 6, 2018. He was reportedly on his method out of the cave superior from delivering oxygen tanks to the Wild Boar soccer group when he himself ran out of air underwater. A statue of him has since been erected near Tham Luang’s entrance.


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