Blue Lock Episode 13 Recap and Ending, Explained

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In the thirteenth episode of ‘Blue Lock’ titled ‘Top 3,’ Isagi and his two mates play the first match of the second alternative in direction of Rin Itoshi’s crew which has the three biggest players from the facility. While they do deal with to realize the first function, Rin displays his precise experience by scoring the equalizer with out rather a lot effort. He then goes on to mock Isagi correct in entrance of his face which naturally makes the earlier crew Z participant further aggressive. But it rapidly turns into evident that there’s a vital distinction throughout the expertise of the two teams. Here’s the whole thing you must know regarding the ending of ‘Blue Lock’ episode 13. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Blue Lock Episode 13 Recap

After Isagi challenges Rin Itoshi’s crew for a match, the latter accepts it with out rather a lot dialogue. When the two teams lastly arrive on the sector, Isagi is assured that he can win the game though his crew is collaborating in in direction of the simplest players throughout the Blue Lock facility. After the whistle blows marking the start of the game, (*13*) approaches the opponents’ goalpost exhibiting off his unimaginable dribbling experience. Interestingly, Rin doesn’t switch from his place the least bit and (*13*) merely manages to dribble earlier Tokimitsu, who is just too nervous to do one thing.

When (*13*) passes the ball to Nagi, the latter realizes that Aryu is standing correct behind him anticipating to steal the ball. But sooner than which will happen, Nagi gives a snug cross to Isagi who’s in merely the proper place to take a direct shot on the aim. Following his teaching throughout the first spherical of the second alternative, Isagi seems extraordinarily assured of his goal-scoring functionality and merely manages to realize a function for his crew. Rin Itoshi has been observing all this quietly until this degree nevertheless now components out that he feels that the game goes to be boring. After a fast lecture to Isagi, (*13*), and Nagi, he scores the first function for his crew correct from the place he has been standing.

The three opponents are naturally shocked as a result of it seems practically illegal to have the power to score from such prolonged distances. Isagi and his mates try and assault as soon as extra nevertheless Aryu scores a freak function using his abnormally prolonged legs. The drawback posed by Rin’s crew excites (*13*) nevertheless when he too tries to realize a function on his private, the nervous Tokimitsu lastly displays why he’s a rank 3 participant. After effectively taking possession of the ball, he scores the third function for his crew giving his group a two-goal lead.

Blue Lock Episode 13 Ending: Who Wins the First Second Selection Game? Which Player Does Rin Itoshi’s Team Add to Theirs?

Looking on the aim scored in direction of them to date, Isagi and his two teammates resolve to utilize a one-touch cross technique with a triangle formation within the hunt for his or her second function. This appears to work as they deal with to get into an excellent rhythm of passing the ball to at least one one other. But when Rin tries to thwart their goal-scoring different, (*13*) gives Nagi a cross with considerable spin allowing him to outmaneuver Aryu and score one different function. After scoring, Isagi, (*13*), and Nagi start discussing quite a lot of points which give Rin the likelihood to realize one different long-distance function.

Luckily, Isagi realizes merely in time that Rin is trying to repeat what had occurred beforehand and manages to clear the ball with a header merely throughout the nick of time. This gives Rin a nook and he shocks every participant on the sector by scoring a direct function, which brings his crew one step nearer to victory. Despite being two aims behind, Isagi and his teammates don’t give up hope. They try and create one different chance nevertheless Rin manages to find out their plan. As rapidly as he’ll get possession of the ball, he dribbles it earlier Isagi and (*13*) to realize the fifth and decisive function to win the game. Later Rin’s crew selects (*13*) to affix them whereas Isagi and Nagi now face a do-or-die match.

How Tall is Nagi Seishiro? What is (*13*) and Isagi’s Height?

During the Isagi vs Rin Itoshi’s 3-on-3 crew recreation, there’s a specific second the place Aryu manages to take possession of the ball using a header. Nagi is type of shocked by this as he feels that it must technically be very laborious to do this as a result of his prime. Now viewers might get inquisitive about Nagi and Aryu’s prime because of the transient second they shared on the sector.

Interestingly, Nagi is 190 cm which signifies that the extraordinary forward is certainly 6.2 ft tall. This explains why he was so shocked when Aryu managed to steal the ball from him. Now, taking possession of the ball from anyone as tall as Nagi with a header isn’t any child’s play. Aryu solely managed to do it on account of he’s 195 cm or 6.4 ft tall which gave him only a bit profit over Nagi. But (*13*) and Isagi alternatively normally usually are not that genetically gifted. They are solely 176 cm and 175 cm tall respectively.


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