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Britney Spears Boyfriend Sam Asgari: Five Things You Need to Know


After a hearing on Wednesday, Britney Spears flew to Hawaii with his boyfriend Sam Asgari.

Pop star 39 and Fitness Maven 27 met in 2016 on her “Slumber Party” music video set. He was the lead actor in the video and is reportedly selected by Spears. Since then, Asgari has been a collaborative partner for “toxic” singers.

Asgari is the “light of goodness and positivity” in Spears’ life, sources told Fox News on Tuesday. In addition, the trainer is said to be the perfect “guardian” of Spears, as he has been overcoming predicaments centered around the conservation efforts that have been approaching her for nearly 13 years.

“Sam is one of Britney’s most loyal people in life,” continued the insider. “And ever since he was around Britney [it] Really he could see her real and it added another level of protection for Britney that she wouldn’t have had without him. “

Britney Spears Adult Guardianship Timeline

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari will be attending Sony Pictures’ “Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood” Los Angeles premiere on July 22, 2019 in Hollywood. It was the couple’s first red carpet appearance.

“They are a great combination,” the sources added.

Here are five things you need to know about Spears’ boyfriend:

He is a former athlete

Born in Iran, Asgari left Tehran, where he lived with his mother Fatima and three sisters, at the age of 12, and came to the United States 10 years ago to live with his father, who settled in the United States. I told Health. ..

Asgari lamented the fact that he left his friends and family in Iran because he knew he was “away and never coming back.”

After playing high school football, he headed to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he tried to form a team. According to the publication, Asgari was cut before the year of freshmen and eventually found himself studying at Moore Park University in Los Angeles, and then at Pierce College.

He mainly works as a personal trainer

As a fitness and wellness guru, Asgari began his personal trainer career by focusing on losing £ 100.

He told Access Hollywood in a recent interview that Spears is Jim’s “machine.”

Britney Spears is working on a documentary about her power of attorney: “I’m deeply flattering.”

“One of the things people don’t know about her is that she’s a crazy athlete. I love it about her,” he said. “At some point she keeps running for about four hours and goes dancing for about four hours. Her stamina is crazy!”

Asghari also creates customized meal plans for our clients.

Pop star 39 and Fitness Maven 27 met in 2016 on her “Slumber Party” music video set. (Photo by Paul Archuleta / Film Magic)

The connection between him and Spears began as a romance at work

Soon, Asgari realized he was landing a modeling gig. He starred in Fifth Harmony’s 2016 “Workout From Home” video and was to collaborate with Spears on her “Slumber Party” video the same year.

He told Access that Spears chose him from a photo lineup of potential leading actors.

Sam Asgari mainly works as a personal trainer. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeier / Getty Images)

Sam Asgari mainly works as a personal trainer. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeier / Getty Images)

He is also an actor

Asghari’s performances include Showtime’s “Black Monday,” HBO Max’s “Hacks,” BET’s “The Family Business,” and 2019’s “Can You Keepa Secret.” According to his IMDb page, the Hollywood mass will also appear in the next holiday movie, “Holiday Twist,” and another series in the therapeutic phase.

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His friends praise him for his extroverted personality

“Sam is one of the weirdest people I’ve ever met,” a source told Fox News, a #FreeBritney supporter, on Friday. “Whenever he wants to be, he can be in any party life, but he’s very humble about where he came from, he really wants to enjoy the moment that’s happening just before him. only.”

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