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Candace Cameron Bure admits “sex” and “patience” in a 25-year marriage


Candace Cameron Bure and her husband Valerie Bure have successfully celebrated a quarter-century marriage, but her union is not “perfect.”

On Instagram, the “Full House” actress shared the secrets of a healthy and happy marriage, and spoiler attention, sex is involved.

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“I’m often asked for marriage advice. What’s the secret? The Lord knows that we’re still learning every year and every day, so I’ll never write a book about it. Grace. Grace. Grace. Communication (this is very important, but sometimes difficult partners are not happy.) Sex. Laughter. Patience. Lots of patience. Love (verbs. You have to take action, it’s just emotions. No) “she capped a series of Instagram images.

She went on to say, “Marriage is not as perfect as the picture. It is not one. It is certainly not our marriage. But through thick and thin, ups and downs, God guides us and has patience. Blessed me a lot. I believe that God is a source of secrets. “

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Former hockey players Candice and Valeri got married in 1996.

“I love this man more today than the day we got married,” she added. “And I know he will do it for me.”

Candice has long said that sex is an integral part of her marriage.

“Sex is a marriage blessing, and when Christians say,” No, you have to pretend you’ve never had sex. You only know that you’ve had sex three times because you have three children. ” I hate. “” The actress said in a “cheap Christian confession” podcast. “If we promise each other and preach to save ourselves for marriage, sex needs to be celebrated in marriage.”

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Last year she was repulsed by sharing an Instagram image of her husband holding her chest. She turns to critics who thought she and her husband were somehow immoral.

“For all Christians (my husband, 24 years old) asking my boobs my post with my husband’s hands, I thought it was inappropriate and made me laugh because it’s my husband,” she said. Told the Daily Mail. “He can touch me at any time, and I hope he does. This is all about a healthy and good marriage and relationships … I’m sorry if it offends you — I actually I’m sorry. I’m glad I’ve been having fun together for years. He can touch me all day long. “

Candace Cameron Bure first appeared on after acknowledging “gender” and “patience” in a 25-year marriage.

Candace Cameron Bure admits “sex” and “patience” in a 25-year marriage

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