Carved Out Heart of Towering Twins Locations


Carved Out Heart of Towering Twins Locations: Penn on the Dueling Peaks Stable offers you the “Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!” aspect quest. The solely signal right here is that she appears to be held at “the carved-out heart of the towering twins!”

But the place precisely is that this place? To assist you discover the carved-out coronary heart of the tall twins so to end the Princess Zelda Kidnapped aspect quest in TotK, our information will inform you precisely the place you want to go.

Carved Out Heart of Towering Twins Locations

Talking to Penn on the high of the Dueling Peaks Stable begins this quest. He will inform you that it appears just like the Yiga have taken Princess Zelda.

They left a notice saying that they’re holding her within the hole coronary heart of the tall twins. Penn thought that this mentioned one thing in regards to the Dueling Peaks, and he was proper.

So go to the Dueling Peaks South. The areas of the cage with Princess Zelda are 1318 -1966 0304. Use Ultrahand to raise the field so she will be able to get out.

Of course, every thing will transform a entice to catch Link. The “Princess” is definitely a Yiga dressed up as a woman. Get able to combat again in opposition to a Yiga assault.

Once you’ve taken care of everybody, Penn will come to thanks and offer you 300 Rupees as a prize. Now, all it’s a must to do is return to the Lucky Clover Gazette and inform Traysi what occurred right here.


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