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Chinese Company to Send 7nm GPU to Production Next Quarter


Nvidia and AMD continue to dominate the GPU market, but China-based GPU maker Biren Technology hopes to change that. The company is on track to send its first 7nm GPU design to manufacturing in the third quarter of the year; the company said in an interview (via CnTechPost). Biren Technology says that its compute GPU will compete with Nvidia’s next-gen 5nm compute GPUs (thought to be ‘Hopper’ and ‘Lovelace’).

Biren Technology’s initial product will be a compute GPU tailored specifically for AI workloads, so it’s designed for both training and inference. Biren will tape out the GPU in the third quarter this year (meaning it will send the design to manufacturing), and the chip will make its commercial debut sometime next year. Biren’s chip will come fabbed on the 7nm node, but it’s unclear whether the developer will use Taiwan-based TSMC or its rival, Korea-based Samsung Foundry. 

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