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Constable Hunt asked killer for help as he lay dying, court hears | 1 NEWS


As an unarmed Constable Matthew Hunt lay dying on the bottom, his killer mentioned, “he asked me for help”.

“I thought about it. I was thinking about it for a few seconds,” Eli Epiha advised the court immediately.

The 25-year-old’s admitted murdering Hunt on June 19 final 12 months, however is on trial on the High Court in Auckland for trying to homicide Constable David Goldfinch that very same day.

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Eli Epiha has admitting murdering Matthew Hunt.
Source: 1 NEWS

He’s confronted additional cross examination from the Crown immediately, after yesterday taking to the stand to share his recollection of the taking pictures.

After gunning down Hunt, he recalled, (*1*).

There was a shocked, “ha!”, from a few of these within the public gallery as Epiha made that remark.

Constable Matthew Hunt.
Source: Supplied

He went on to say, “once I was trying down at him, that is once I begin to hear sirens”.

Epiha mentioned he was focussed on getting away from the scene at that time, saying, “I had a son on the way and I just wanted to be around”.

The defendant was reluctant to debate Hunt, refusing when first asked yesterday, and once more immediately.

“I’m not ready to debate Officer Hunt,” he mentioned.

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Epiha’s admitted murdering Matthew Hunt however is on trial for trying to kill Constable David Goldfinch.
Source: 1 NEWS

But Justice Geoffrey Venning, presiding over the trial, advised him he should reply the questions.

He then admitted to the court he first observed Hunt after Goldfinch, who he shot at first, ran out of sight.

He testified that he was backing up in direction of his crashed automobile, desirous to get his second gun earlier than he ran away, he mentioned.

“That’s when I got a big fright, I didn’t know there was a second officer,” Epiha mentioned.

“He was just there, standing by the boot, close to the boot of the car.”

Multiple witnesses then noticed Epiha goal, focussing down the barrel, at Hunt.

But Epiha’s adamant, “they’ve misread the situation”.

“I was genuinely not aiming to kill him, just aiming in his general direction.”

He claims he didn’t suppose he’d hit him at first.

“It’s not a Play-Station game,” he mentioned, “you don’t know if someone gets hit”.

He claimed it was solely after his fourth shot at him, that “he was falling”.

“You’ve left him, after your 14th shot, Constable Hunt is lying on the ground isn’t he?” Crown lawyer Brian Dickey mentioned.

“Yes,” Epiha replied.

“You just leave him there don’t you?” he’s asked.

“Yes,” he mentioned once more.

Dickey mentioned, “Job done, so to speak?”

“I never considered it a job at all,” Epiha answered.

Asked in regards to the 10 photographs, the Crown says he fired at Goldfinch, the defendant was adamant, “I didn’t shoot any of the shots at him to kill him”.

The Crown replayed the CCTV footage captured on a close-by property, in which you’ll be able to hear the incident unfolding.

Dickey argues you possibly can hear Epiha, yelling “wooo”.

“That’s you building yourself up to do what you’re gonna do,” he mentioned to the defendant.

Epiha denies that, however accepts you possibly can hear Goldfinch within the video, pleading for the gunfire to cease.

The court heard he reckoned it was an accident that Goldfinch was hit in any respect.

“If he’d stumbled and fallen, you’d have shot him dead wouldn’t you?” Dickey mentioned.

“Definitely not,” Epiha replied.

Natalie Bracken.
Source: 1 NEWS

Woman who helped Epiha escape has cost decreased

Lawyers for the girl who drove Hunt’s killer away from the scene have efficiently lobbied to have their shopper’s cost down-graded.

Natalie Bracken, 31, was charged with being an adjunct after the very fact of homicide, following the deadly taking pictures on June 19 final 12 months.

However, Hunt had not but been formally declared lifeless on the time the defendant allegedly aided Epiha’s escape.

As a end result, Venning, who’s presiding over the trial on the High Court in Auckland, has amended Bracken’s cost to, accent after the very fact of wounding with intent to trigger grievous bodily hurt.

The cost is concerning the wounding of Hunt, which led to his demise.

Dickey, advised the jury, “The case in respect of her doesn’t change. Not at all”.

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