Creepy ‘Serbian dancing lady’ who sways on the street terrifies TikTok

An eerie video of an alleged ‘Serbian dancing lady’ who dances on the street at night is creeping all people out on TikTok.

The clip has taken over social media and triggered a frenzy reminiscent of 2021, when an alleged ‘zombie woman’ went viral.

Everyone is asking if the TikTok video precise, and the fact that nobody is conscious of the actuality makes the whole factor rather more terrifying.

This one really isn’t for the faint hearted…

Creepy ‘Serbian dancing lady’ goes viral

The woman went viral on TikTok in February when any person posted a video of her from their window and wrote “be careful guys”.

In the viral video, a person could be seen dancing from side to side inside the darkness as ominous music performs inside the background.

She is holding her palms out to the facet and shifting her heels from left to correct repeatedly inside the eerie dance, which some assume resembles the Serbian folks dance Kolo.

The video, which has the hashtags #serbia #dancingladyserbia and #horror, has had a staggering 76 million views and introduced over social media.

Theories are flooding the internet that the woman has a knife and might chase or kill you in the occasion you get shut, nonetheless there’s no proof of that.

The metropolis legend has actually existed on-line since 2019, when a Serbian info site warned of an alleged dangerous woman dancing on the street.

Now, it’s gone viral as soon as extra in 2023 with new motion pictures and everybody appears to be filled with fear as quickly as further.

TikTok clients are terrified

One particular person wrote inside the suggestions: “Not gonna lie this is hella scary,” whereas one different talked about: “New fear unlocked.”

The clip has gone viral on Twitter too the place any person talked about: “After watching that Serbian Dancing Lady, I’m afraid to go out at night.”

“Who else has been seeing the Serbian dancing lady on TikTok please tell me she isn’t real it’s 4am and it’s scary for GOD’S SAKE,” one different wrote.

However, others have argued that in the occasion you’re taking away the creepy music, the video isn’t actually scary the least bit and is definitely pretty comical.

If you’re feeling freaked out and wish one factor a bit further lighthearted to recuperate from that video, this TikTok teen coated his mom and father’ kitchen in peanut butter inside the wildest prank ever.

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No one is conscious of if it’s precise

It’s not clear whether or not or not there’s actually a creepy woman who dances in Serbia or the whole factor is a wild social media prank.

More motion pictures have appeared on-line of people claiming to have seen the woman, nonetheless it might presumably be a particular particular person totally.

She is all the time filmed from behind, so anyone would possibly technically recreate the dancing motion pictures, nonetheless it’s really creepy nonetheless.

Maybe we’ll certainly not know the actuality…


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