Crystal Lowery Now: Where is Beverly Carter’s Killer Today?

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Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter’s sudden disappearance in September 2014 baffled all people. More heartbreaking info adopted 4 days later when her physique was present in a concrete plant in a close-by metropolis. Thanks to the quick contemplating and efforts of the authorities, Arron Lewis and his estranged partner, Crystal Lowery, have been shortly arrested on the suspicions of kidnapping and killing Beverly.

NBC’s ‘Dateline: The Client’ explores how the earlier refused to admit to the crime, however his accomplice’s cooperation lastly helped the police strengthen the case. Now, within the occasion you need to examine further about Crystal’s operate inside the murder and her current whereabouts, listed below are all the details you need.

Who is Crystal Lowery?

Born on February 3, 1973, Crystal Lowery is an area of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and has three kids from earlier relationships. In 2014, she lived in Jacksonville, Arkansas, and studied Nursing on the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. Crystal began courting Jacksonville resident Arron Lewis in 2013, and the couple tied the knot in April of the subsequent yr. However, points shortly went harmful between the two, they often separated in August of the an identical yr.

Not merely that, in October 2014, Crystal filed for divorce from Arron, citing his prior jail file to be one among many causes. In a shocking flip of events, he was arrested on September 29, 2014, for the kidnapping and murder of Little Rock realtor Beverly Carter. She had gone missing 5 days earlier, and from cellphone info, the police traced her closing communication with him. While Arron denied his involvement inside the crime, the authorities used cell phone info and tracked Beverly’s physique in a shallow grave in a concrete plant in Cabot.

Based on Arron’s claims, the investigators initially believed that he had deliberate and executed the murder with an individual named Trevor, however the latter was shortly cleared of all suspicion. Surprisingly, Crystal was arrested in October 2014 and charged with capital murder and kidnapping. Realizing the severity of the prices in direction of her, she accepted a plea deal in 2015 to testify in direction of he estranged husband. In the 2016 trial, Crystal confessed that she and Arron have been combating money, significantly since she wished him to depart the house and he didn’t have any strategy of sustenance.

Hence, two weeks sooner than Beverly’s demise, the couple hatched a plot to kidnap a married one who labored alone and keep them for ransom. Crystal alleged they chose the realtor on account of they believed she was terribly wealthy. After luring Beverly by posing to be a pair excited by purchasing for a house, Arron kidnapped her, sure her with duct tape, and put her in his vehicle trunk. As per Crystal, they initially conspired to hold her for ransom at a concrete plant in Cabot, nonetheless the plan fell by on account of some schedule modifications on the plant.

Confused about their subsequent step, the couple launched Beverly to their Jacksonville home and saved her sure inside the bathroom. While Crystal was tasked with guarding the sufferer with a stun gun, Arron drove once more to the house the place he kidnapped the realtor to retrieve her purse and monetary establishment card. By then, the police had already discovered it to be her closing location and have been canvassing the world, forcing him to return home. Soon, Arron feared that since Beverly had seen his face, she would instantly acknowledge him in entrance of the police.

Moreover, Crystal believed the sufferer had seen her establish on the prescription treatment inside the bathroom. Realizing their ransom plan had failed, the couple panicked about what to do and at last decided it was biggest to get rid of Beverly. Crystal claimed she didn’t participate inside the murder nonetheless accompanied Arron to buy a shovel and topsoil to do away with the physique. According to her, he tied the realtor’s palms behind her once more and wrapped her face in a lot of layers of duct tape to suffocate her.

The couple then drove Beverly to the concrete plant in Cabot, dug a shallow grave, and Crystal held the flashlight as Arron buried the sufferer. Based on his estranged partner’s confession and a 12-second recording of Beverly on his cellphone, the police found enough proof in direction of the Jacksonville resident to assemble a case in direction of him.

Where is Crystal Lowery Today?

As part of the plea deal Crystal Lowery accepted in July 2015, she testified in direction of her former husband, Arron Lewis, in 2016. In addition, she admitted wanting Beverly gone out of fear of being caught. Crystal pleaded accountable to kidnapping and first-degree murder and was handed a diminished jail sentence of 30 years. Meanwhile, Arron tried claiming that he and Beverly apparently had an affair, and he or she had consensually come to his dwelling to work together in a sexual encounter. Besides, he alleged to have accepted kidnapping her to protect Crystal, whom he claimed was accountable for the murder.

Nevertheless, the jury found Arron’s claims baseless and sentenced him to life behind bars with out parole. On the other hand, Crystal utilized for clemency in March 2020, stating her repentance for her actions and searching for her jail time interval to be diminished to fifteen years. Since the Parole Board denied the an identical in July of the an identical yr, she continues being incarcerated on the Wrightsville Women’s Facility in Wrightsville, Arkansas. Now 49, Crystal will seemingly be eligible for parole/swap on November 29, 2035.


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