DanMachi Season 4 Episode 12 Recap and Ending, Explained

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In (*4*) season 4 episode 12 titled ‘Amphisbaena (A Song of Despair),’ the anime follows Bell’s social gathering that ends up discovering itself up in opposition to Amphisbaena, a floor boss after separating from him. When they try to flee, the dragon deliberately blocks off all the exits with falling particles and corners them. (*12*), Ryu is in an unconscious state, and it’s as a lot as Cranel Bell to make the becoming identify in a state of affairs the place a improper step might indicate immediate dying. Here is each factor you’ll need to know in regards to the ending of ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? ’ season 4 episode 12 or ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV Part 2’ episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD!

DanMachi Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

After coming into the dungeon, Bell purchased separated from his social gathering. Although he had Ryu by his facet, the two had been left to fend for themselves in opposition to Juggernaut, a dangerous monster who proves to be too extremely efficient for them. Luckily, they do deal with to keep away from losing themselves nevertheless they barely escape the clutches of dying. With a broken arm and unconscious Ryu to deal with, Bell now faces a classy state of affairs whereby he ought to keep vigilant all the time.

The Dungeon’s deep flooring are unforgiving and Bell is correctly aware that even one mistake might now indicate the dying of the duo. Although he’s vigilant it’s onerous to tell what monster will assault them subsequent. (*12*), Bell’s social gathering is separated from him and finds itself in a world of hassle. They are caught on a dungeon floor with a two-headed dragon monster that seems too extremely efficient for them to defeat.

No one has anticipated to return all through such a beast at this degree so it should get them pondering if the Dungeon needs them lifeless. The dragon is in no mood to allow them any chance of devising a plan and it assaults them straight. Luckily, not one of many social gathering members keep a extreme hurt. Realizing the urgency of the state of affairs, Aisha Belka asks her companions to make a run for his or her lives. Sadly, the dragon anticipates what they’re trying to do, so he blocks off all the exits. This leaves the Bell’s social gathering with just one alternative.

Unfortunately, the social gathering morale is rapidly at an all-time low and it seems that evidently it could possibly be onerous for them to gather adequate braveness to reunite and fight the dragon. Just when all hope is misplaced, Welf and Aisha encourage their comrades by taking responsibility for his or her offense on themselves. Until then even Liliruca appeared clueless. Unfortunately, the dragon has secure defenses on account of which magic might hardly impact it.

Liliruca’s state of self-doubt fortuitously doesn’t remaining too prolonged and when she entails her senses, she quickly makes an infinite distinction. After analyzing the current formation, she asks Mikoto to take the lead. The trick works and Mikoto catches the two-headed dragon off-guard by her assault. After it’s entrapped, the rest of the social gathering members quickly pounce on the possibility to eradicate the beast.

DanMachi Season 4 Episode 12 Ending: Why is Cassandra Incapacitated? How Does Daphne Help Her?

While the rest of the social gathering is pushing themselves to fight even with the chances stacked in opposition to them, Cassandra can’t really wrap her head spherical the reality that her companions have managed to gather adequate braveness to maneuver. She is incapacitated with fear and has given herself as a lot as despair, as she feels that no amount of stopping goes to get them out of their present circumstances. Luckily, Daphne notices this. She punches Cassandra throughout the head and asks her to do her job as a result of the social gathering’s healer. That’s when Cassandra shares her emotional breakdown and inquires how Daphne has not given as a lot as despair understanding that their efforts may lastly flip into fruitless.

Daphne in truth tells her that she too is scared to dying nevertheless watching Liliruca and others take a stand motivated her to fight as correctly. She asks Cassandra to make her useful for the sake of her companions who’re moreover trying their best. Daphne’s phrases have the required affect and Cassandra lastly decide to hitch the battle as correctly. Using her powers, she heals her comrades. With an prolonged battle ahead of them, the social gathering desires her larger than ever sooner than so it’s good info that she isn’t caught in her depressing state.


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