Dateline: Secrets Uncovered – What occurred to Dana Dodd aka Lavender Doe?

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On October 29, 2006, two males tracked down the physique of a unidentified lady close to Longview, Texas. After twelve years, the police affirmed that the physique had a spot with Dana Dodd.

The case stayed perplexing for over 10 years as a result of it was unimaginable for the brokers to prohibit on who the casualty truly was.

In 2018, an individual named Joseph Wayne Burnette was captured regarding Dodd’s homicide. He was captured for an irrelevant case however throughout the wake of being addressed, made a full admission. Burnette let the police know that he had killed Dodd and consumed her physique to some extent to the aim of being unrecognizable.

Oxygen’s Dateline will reveal the important thing connecting with this chilling homicide case. The episode, named The Lady With No Name, may be essential for his or her exact wrongdoing assortment Privileged insights Uncovered. Tune in on January 25.

Police are puzzled as soon as they monitor down the physique of a youthful lady nonetheless can’t distinguish her; with the assistance of beginner specialists and new DNA innovation, a hounded examiner tracks down her executioner and her persona.
Trigger admonition: This article incorporates notices of homicide and dismantling. Attentiveness is impressed.

Dana Dodd purportedly had a troublesome youth. Her mom left her when she was as however a toddler and her dad was captured on quite a few occasions. She was evetually under the consideration of her stepmother, however just a few years after the precise truth, she ventured out from residence and commenced working for a voyaging journal gives group and arrived in Texas.

As per Burnette, he met Dodd throughout the parking storage of a Walmart in Longview the place she was selling magazines. He assured that Dodd likewise tried to promote him the journal nonetheless he wouldn’t take it, reasonably proposing to work together in sexual relations with him. Dana concurred and the two wound up having intercourse in Burnette’s automobile.

How was her physique found?
On October 29, 2006 Dana’s physique was tracked down in a lush space close to Longview, Texas by two males. She was held face down in a consuming heap of picket and her physique was singed to the aim of being indistinguishable.

Nonetheless, the police have been as however ready to search out some data in regards to the unidentified physique. She was a Caucasian lady between the age 17 and 25 and had strawberry gentle hair.

Dana was carrying a pale purple shirt and pants which drove the media to title her Lavender, as her persona was at this stage to be uncovered. The police likewise found $40 inside her pocket.

A post-mortem examination achieved on her uncovered that she had semen inside her and inferred that she probably had intercourse as of late.

The semen found inside her drove the police to Joseph Wayne Burnette and he admitted that he engaged in sexual relations alongside along with her however uncovered no totally different data.

On July 24, 2018, the gathering of Felisha Pearson was current in Longview, who was accounted for missing seven days prior. Examinations uncovered that Pearson and Burnette have been courting.

Further diving into the matter launched actuality out. Burnette was the one which carried out every the homicides.

Burnette conceded to having killed Dana. He furthermore described to the police the entire story of how he met her and admitted to proposing to her for intercourse and asserted that she took cash from him.

The man then, at the moment, continued to choke her and eat the physique however he made some extent to go away the $40 in her pocket since she “merited” it.

Burnette was indicted for the two killings and was condemned to 50 years detainment.


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