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David Beckham wears one of the best new watches in 2021


Welcome This week’s clock, Here we track the rarest, wildest and most attractive watches found in celebrities.

A year after being influenced by Covid with the release of watches, 2021 gave us many good watches. Many of these tasty watches are seen by NBA bystanders (where the Black Panther Audemars Piguet roams), the Monaco Grand Prix (accompanied by Tom Holland), and now in the crowd at Euro 2020. David Beckham is the latest to change ownership. One of the best new releases in the industry, elusive in the watch world, long shipping and manufacturing timelines and long waiting lists often lie between collectors and popular items. Bex wore the new Tudor Black Bay Chrono just announced in April while supporting his homeland against Scotland. There’s a lot of new Tudor this year, but Beckham and I seem to fully agree here. The prize for the new batch is this black dial chronograph with a white subdial that creates a reverse panda dial. Beckham isn’t the only one to showcase his new watch this week. F1 champions are in the collection, but JJ Redick knows that the best watch to buy right now is only $ 500.

Eddie Keo-FA
Courtesy of Tudor

David Beckham’s Tudor Black Bay Chrono

The only reason this watch is one of The best new watch release is Tudor hitting the bourgie with the consistency of Garwin’s “Iceman” price (apparently the best darts player in the world). Just a few weeks after debuting the Chrono, the brand unveiled its Black Bay in rugged ceramic, and just this week debuted the sublime bronze Black Bay Fifty Eight with a chocolate dial and bezel. ..This watch Delicious!

Among Beckham’s sturdy and handsome Black Bay Chrono, Beatup Bronze Edition, and blacked-out ceramic pieces, Tudor may be considered a villain in the watch world. Beckham was dressed up because Tudor was the first man to show off his new work in the wild.


Romelu Lukaku Rolex Submariner

Belgian football stars have turned the euro into a platform for personal glory. In addition to some goals scored in just three games, Lukaku impresses the pitch with this very flashy take of the Rolex Submariner. The sub-tel version gets all the love, while the Lukaku watch is a compelling argument that we should remake everything out of gold.

JJ Redick’s Seiko x Rowing Blazer “Zigzag”

Last week something strange happened in the world of watches. It was taken over by a $ 500 watch trio created in collaboration with Rowing Blazers, a brand that lives in the Tower of Ivory. Zigzag, color blocks and checkerboard pieces dominated my Instagram timeline in a way that was almost impossible with other affordable pieces. Affordable watches like these usually don’t attract upper crust collectors, but expensive watches are essentially inaccessible. These Seiko x Rowing Blazer watches easily threaded their hands with all the elegance of a New England tailor. A good example: Even NBA player Redick took part in the action and posted his zigzag on Instagram with everyone else.

Pierre Sue

Hailey Beaver Rolex Datejust

What do you wear to meet the President of France and his wife? If you’re Justin Bieber, a suit and Nike Dunk pair. If you’re your wife Hailey Beaver, a Rolex Datejust with a jeweled bezel. Datejust’s base model is a classic watch, and Haley could be classic, but Beaver made it very clear this week that it wasn’t their style. It’s not just diamonds. Even the dial infuse precious material into the mother-of-pearl dial.

Rudy Carrezevoli

Max Verstappen TAG Heuer Monaco

The French Grand Prix winner would not have been able to choose a better watch to take him to the top of the podium this weekend. TAG Heuer Monaco has a history of racing around a funky little square body. This is a watch worn by Steve McQueen. Le Mans, A movie based on the French race of the same name. Verstappen was bigger than McQueen’s Mentha Classic, but chose a very new version of the watch made of shiny titanium.

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