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Daytona police shooting suspect Otaru Wallace is praised on social media


Manhunt suspect Otaru Wallace, who ended Friday morning after Daytona, Florida,police Officer was shot In my mind at work, I’m gaining support on social media.

Daytona Beach News-The Journal reviews Facebook and Instagram accounts that appear to belong to Wallace, 29, including anti-police rhetoric, and support for suspects is built on social media. After that, the account was deleted.

“There are no posts we haven’t seen,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said at a press conference Thursday. He later added, “What was posted on social media was that this man was ruthless.”

“His heart is pure malice. He didn’t care much. He did it without regrets,” Young said of Wallace’s alleged crime and the existence of his social media. I did.

A mugshot of Othal Wallace. (Daytona Beach Police)

Young announced on Friday that authorities had found Wallace in a tree house where weapons were stored in the possession of a group of black nationalist militias called “not around the coalition” or “not around the militia.” did. Saturday morning press conference.

Wallace appeared to be the owner of a Facebook page belonging to the militia group, the news journal reported.

In addition, the Instagram account that appeared to belong to Wallace and was reviewed by the outlet displayed posts with strange messages.

Florida police officer “Critical” after shooting the head. Manhunt in progress for “coward” suspect

“I want everyone to know something. I want everyone to know something. I want everyone to know something,” said an unidentified man on Instagram. Said in a video posted on the page. “I love everything. Black power. Stay strong as a country. F — Keep fighting. F — Move forward.”

It went on: “Don’t let these … pigs f — with you. I love you. Black power and shalom.”

Another June 7th Instagram post shared by the account said, “[One] A day that gives great pride and honor to putting pig blood on your hands and boots. ” “I pray against my enemies and wish all those who are oppressed by black culture to die … the power of blacks !!”

Othal Wallace (Daytona Beach Police)

Wallace support messages can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“He’s one of us!” According to News-Journal, one user who previously marched with Wallace posted on Instagram. “Everyone supports him better. I’m sick in my stomach here, but I perform rituals every awakening moment and pray for one of my closest companions. “

According to the outlet, on Facebook, a user named Shakir Stevens wrote, “I love my brother staying strong.”

Hundreds of “hero” officers hunt for critically injured Daytona Beach officers continue to “combat”: civil servants

“Mad Love Bro !!” News-Another Facebook post read by Journal. “Good luck! With all your support, you should be ready and ready to overcome this !!! My dear brother !!”

Another Facebook user wrote: “You are protected by your ancestors.”

On Twitter, an anonymous user posted the message “FREE OTHAL WALLACE”, “Please do your best”. #OthalWallace.. I’m glad someone has the courage to hit the police with my medicine. “

1 Twitter user Suggestion Reiner had all the intent to “accidentally arrest Wallace in the first place” after Young said that Wallace was arrested in the handcuffs of Reiner, who appears to be a symbol of justice for the injured officer, on Friday morning.

“”#OthalWallace You will never be able to hug or hug his beloved children. The police will continue to win lol “, wrote another article.

Wallace has a long history of arrests, including worsening assaults and worsening batteries due to deadly weapons, and state records show that he previously worked in a county prison.

Video A 26-year-old police officer, Jason Reiner’s body camera, released by authorities, approaches the suspect sitting in a car and asks if he lives near where he was parked at the time. Police officers ask the car to sit down when the suspect begins to descend.

“Come to the guy and don’t do this. Why do you ask me if I live here?” The suspect asks in the video. The suspect wrestles with Reiner, and Reiner can be heard yelling, “Stop! Stop, man!” Before the shot sounds.

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According to local reports, police officers were found on the ground with gunshot wounds after stopping responding to the radio while investigating a suspicious incident in the area.

Reiner remains in the hospital, but his condition is improving, Young said Saturday. The policeman’s family said they were grateful for the support they received and urged people to continue praying for Reiner.

Frie Stimson and Stephanie Pagnones of Fox News contributed to this report.

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