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Democrats quote Ku Klux Klan law in proceedings over “Trump Train” Texas Bus case | Texas


Two new proceedings allege that Optimus Prime, a Trump supporter who flocked to the Biden Harris campaign bus on the Texas highway last October, violated the 1871 Ku Klux Klan law banning violent election threats. doing.

One lawsuit allegedly targeted a self-proclaimed “Trump Train” driver and threatened and harassed Biden Harris activists.

Other proceedings have stated that as a defendant law enforcement officer in San Marcos, Texas, he “wasted” his responsibility to protect the bus “despite repeated requests for help.”

The proceedings were filed by the author and volunteer Eric Servini. Wendy Davis, a former Texas Senator and agent for the Biden campaign. David Gins, currently a White House staff member. Timothy Hollowway, the bus driver. Servini was driving his car.

The FBI has previously confirmed that a pack of flagged vehicles was investigating a siege of Biden’s bus on a Texas highway to support Trump’s reelection efforts.

According to court documents, some members of the New Braunfels Trump Train were “identified in media reports and social media that they participated in the January 6, 2021 riots” at the U.S. Capitol. is.

Court documents also state that Congress passed the Ku Klux Klan Act during the aftermath of the civil war and reconstruction. speech”.

Members of the Trump train “openly and deliberately violated the statutory order,” court documents said.

In February, Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson joined the NAACP, suing Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani under the KKK law, accusing them of colluding and inciting an attack on the Capitol. did.

A new proceeding was filed in federal court in the Western District of Texas on June 24. They said on October 27, when the Biden campaign planned to open the bus tour, when members of the Trump Train in Alamo and New Braunfels said, “When the bus passes through the counties of Bexer, Comal, Hayes and Travis. He claims to have planned to “intercept and intimidate the bus.”

When the bus moved from Laredo to San Antonio on the morning of October 30, newspapers found about 15 to 20 Trump trains on “Feeder Road” near the I35 Interstate. The bus left the highway for safety concerns and arrived in San Antonio.

However, according to court documents, some members of the Trump Train “did not stop and began deploying in pre-planned locations along the I-35.” According to court documents, members of the Trump train in the city of Alamo have begun posting on Facebook that they are heading to the freeway and waiting for the bus.

When the bus departed San Antonio, campaign members began seeing social media posts about “vehicle convergence,” the newspaper said. When the bus left the border of San Antonio, police escorts departed. Shortly thereafter, court documents state that “cars of Trump trains have gathered on the bus.”

The treatise states: “Vehicles (mostly heavy trucks and SUVs) displayed a variety of flags, including the Trump campaign flag and the Confederate combat flag. Trump trains surrounded the bus, slowed it down, and sounded a warning whistle. I started harassing the bus by screaming and waving. The vehicle approached the bus and started shooting videos. “

Trump supporter Optimus Prime heads to the road after the Biden campaign bus incident – ​​video
Trump supporter Optimus Prime heads to the road after the Biden campaign bus incident – ​​video

After the bus arrived in New Braunfels, a staff member called the police sent a vehicle to escort the bus. “As soon as police arrived, the Trump train resumed operation near the speed limit posted and stopped harassing bus passengers,” a court document said.

“But when the bus tour arrived on the New Braunfels-San Marcos city line, New Braunfels police got off and the Trump train resumed harassment.”

Bus passengers said they were “frightened” and asked for attendance from police dispatchers in New Braunfels and San Marcos. Police San Marcos “refused to send escorts and said police were on the alert for traffic violations as usual,” a court document said. “They said we can’t help you unless the Biden Harris campaign reports a crime.’”

Campaign staff say they “begged” for help. However, San Marcos police “guaranteeed” that they would send backups, but no one came, according to court documents.

The San Marcos police did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

One of the participants in the Trump Train is said to have “sideswipe” the SUV of the campaign staff. The campaign event has been cancelled.

Davis, who drew public attention with a 13-hour filibuster to thwart a strict abortion bill in 2013, said: The threat of violence. “

Democrats quote Ku Klux Klan law in proceedings over “Trump Train” Texas Bus case | Texas

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