Diane and Bill Doughty: Where Are Morgan Doughty’s Parents Now?

As a Netflix distinctive documentary assortment that lives as a lot as its title in every method conceivable, ‘Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal’ can solely be described as equal parts bewildering and haunting. After all, it comprises not merely archival footage however moreover first-hand accounts to really shine a lightweight upon the impression of the once-prominent Murdaugh family of their tight-knit South Carolina neighborhood. Amongst these to thus attribute proper right here had been youthful Paul Murdaugh’s then-girlfriend Morgan Doughty’s dad and mother — Diane and Bill Doughty — so now, let’s uncover out further about them, lets?

Who Are Diane and Bill Doughty?

Originally from Long Island, New York, Diane and Bill are proud dad and mother of three pretty daughters, with whom they’d seemingly relocated to Low Country, South Carolina, throughout the 2010s. They are subsequently not always considered “full Southerners” whatever the precise truth they genuinely need the quiet, cosy lifestyle of the realm they identify residence fairly than the hustle-bustle of huge cities. However, since they largely keep to themselves, they’d no idea the Murdaugh title held good native significance until their heart daughter Morgan actually began relationship their youngest, Paul.

The actuality is Paul was always present for Morgan after they first obtained involved all through their junior 12 months of highschool, and he moreover made specific efforts to have enjoyable every essential occasion collectively along with her. Whether or not it’s her birthday, valentine’s day, or promenade, he confirmed up with presents along with banners sooner than showering her with affection, making Diane and Bill contemplate he was a “wonderful young man.” Though little did they know even top-of-the-line days turned bitter for Morgan as quickly as her boyfriend began ingesting because of he may under no circumstances do it reasonably, in response to the Netflix manufacturing.

Morgan did inform Diane at one stage that she was fearful about Paul’s partying habits, significantly as she had gone as far as to methodology his mother for help nonetheless was principally ignored. “His family just looked the other way and thought it was funny,” Bill acknowledged throughout the docuseries. “That should’ve put such a blemish on [them]. They didn’t want to choose the option and say, ‘Let me send him to rehab.’” Yet the one aspect the couple’s little woman didn’t speak in confidence to them initially was the precise truth her boyfriend turned abusive whereas intoxicated, the extent of which they nonetheless don’t know for sure.

One of the primary causes Diane and Bill even know of Paul’s tendencies now may very well be that Morgan had break up up with him by February 2019, only for a subsequent casual group hangout to go terribly incorrect. The 19-year-old was out of his ideas drunk following a house social gathering along with a bar journey, however he refused to let any of his 5 associates steer his family’s boat once more residence, resulting in a horrific crash. While Morgan’s fingers had been decrease, Connor Cook’s jaw was crushed, and Miley Altman sustained minor accidents; Paul, Anthony Cook, along with Mallory Beach had been thrown overboard, just for the latter to under no circumstances resurface alive.

Where Are Diane and Bill Doughty Now?

Mallory Beach’s tragic lack of life in truth broke Diane and Bill’s hearts virtually as lots as a result of it broke Morgan’s as a result of the 2 girls had been the closest of associates, classmates, and associates for years. Nevertheless, they did uncover silver linings throughout the actuality her physique was wholly recovered in early March no matter eight days having handed by, plus their very personal daughter was alive and doing as okay as she may. Paul being indicted on jail prices in connection to this matter three months down the highway further launched all of them a manner of closure, nonetheless he may under no circumstances stand trial for the same as he ended up getting injury in 2021.


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