Do Palma, Benjamin and El Azul Die or Do They Get Arrested in Narcos: Mexico Season 3?


Following the imprisonment of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna), the Mexican medicine profession goes through transformations. The Guadalajara Cartel liquifies, and all the previous plazas become their private cartels. Héctor Luis Palma Salazar (Gorka Lasaosa) and Juan Jos é Esparragoza Moreno or El Azul (Ferm ín Mart ínez) lead the Sinaloa Cartel together with El Chapo, while Benjam ín Arellano Félix (Alfonso Dosal) manages the Tijuana Cartel with the aid of his brother or sisters. If you need to know whether Palma, Benjam ín, and El Azul die or get arrested in ‘Narcos: Mexico’ season 3, we obtained you covered.

What Happens to Palma?

Towards completion of season 3, Palma is arrested and sent out to the exact same jail where Chapo and Neto are secured. As an independent cartel, Sinaloa battles in season 3. They do not have straight accessibility to the United States boundary, so they need to pay hefty tax obligations to Tijuana to deliver their freight, which is gradually eliminating them. This eventually turns into one of the essential concerns over which the battle in between both cartels starts. Both sides experience hefty losses, yet their despair does not quit them from eliminating each various other.

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Palma is required to go right into hiding. While he is not there, Mayo techniques Chapo in jail and companions with him. And they rise their strikes onTijuana When Palma is ultimately nabbed and gave the exact same jail where Chapo is maintained, he at first discounts mostly all the latter’s suggestions. What he has actually never ever understood is that Chapo has actually constantly been smart and ingenious. With Neto’s aid, he currently recognizes just how to utilize his integral skills. Chapo manages Palma’s transfer to a jail in La Mira and sends out Neto together with him. As ‘Narcos: Mexico’ finishes, Chapo manages the jail by himself and Sinaloa withMayo Meanwhile, Palma is readied to invest the remainder of his life in jail.

What Happens to Benjam ín?

After investing a substantial time in hiding, Benjam ín returns in the direction of completion of the collection to reassume his placement as the head of the Arellano family members. When the season starts, Tijuana is just one of one of the most effective cartels in the nation. But their battle with Sinaloa costs them. During a shootout with their adversaries, Tijuana associates inadvertently eliminate Archbishop Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo, which prompts an across the country outrage, and the Arellano family members sheds all the a good reputation that Benjam ín has actually meticulously developed in Tijuana.

After being virtually recorded by the United States and Mexican federal government’s joint job pressure, Benjam ín enters into concealing with his partner and kids. While he is away, his sis Enedina runs the everyday tasks of the cartel. After Amado’s obvious fatality and the separation of the federal government pressures from the boundaries of Tijuana, Benjam ín returns and recovers his placement. Unbeknownst to him, his bro Ram ón has actually mosted likely to Mazatl án to eliminateMayo He obtains eliminated when driving by Sinaloa soldiers impersonated law enforcement officers. The reveal ends as Enedina techniques Benjam ín to offer him the information.

What Happens to El Azul?

Azul turns into one of the targets of the battle in betweenSinaloa and Tijuana As among the Sinaloa leaders, he recognizes the troubles that his cartel deals with as a result of its geographical area. Out of all 3, he attempts one of the most to locate tranquil services to their issues withTijuana However, with adversaries in every instructions, a determined Enedina chooses to assault every one of them. She orders appeals the army police officer Fausto, Amado, and Azul and advises her guys to refute among Mayo’s ships. While he is out consuming with Palma, Azul is eliminated by 2 shooters on a motorbike.

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