Does China Own Bank Of America?

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The Bank of America Corporation, frequently generally known as BofA or BoA, is a holding firm for financial suppliers and an American worldwide funding monetary establishment with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The monetary establishment was established in San Francisco, and NationsBank of Charlotte purchased it in 1998, giving it its current kind. After JPMorgan Chase, it’s the second-largest monetary establishment throughout the United States.

By market price, it’s normally the second-largest monetary establishment globally. One of the Big Four U.S. financial organizations is Bank of America. It competes straight with JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo for the roughly 10.73% of all monetary establishment deposits throughout the United States. Commercial banking, wealth administration, and funding banking are its three foremost financial suppliers.

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Does China Own Bank Of America?

No, China doesn’t preserve a portion of Bank of America. A US monetary establishment operates there. The monetary establishment did collaborate with China Construction Bank and as quickly as held a stake throughout the Chinese group, nonetheless it has since supplied that funding and is no longer a part of it.

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