Does It Snow In Albuquerque?

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According to at the very least one implementation of the Köppen climatic classification system, Albuquerque has a cold semi-arid native climate (BSk).

The Biota of North America Program and Terrestrial Ecosystems—Isobioclimates of the Conterminous United States, which use datasets and mapping utilized sciences from the PRISM Climate Group, classifies its native climate as semi-desert mild temperate.

The frequent annual precipitation, which helps an arid environment, is decrease than half that of evaporation, and no month’s indicate daily temperature falls below freezing.

Compared to areas of the nation further north or farther south, the native climate is reasonably mild.

However, on account of to the city’s extreme elevation, winter lows repeatedly fall below freezing. Daily temperature differentials are affected by the geography and high variations contained in the metropolis and inside the surrounding areas.

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Does It Snow In Albuquerque?

The winter season, which lasts from December by means of February, sees frequent low temperatures fall below the freezing threshold.

Albuquerque regularly experiences snow all by means of the winter, with the city receiving an entire of 9.5 inches (241.3 millimeters) of snow all through the course of the season.

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