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Donald Trump’s company could be prosecuted soon next week


The New York Times reports that bills may come soon next week. The company’s lawyers call the case “outrageous.”

New York-Manhattan prosecutors have informed Donald Trump’s company that they may soon face criminal charges resulting from a lengthy investigation into the former president’s commerce.

The New York Times quoted sources familiar with the matter as early as next week to the Trump organization in connection with the benefits the company gave executives, including the use of tuition fees for apartments, cars and schools. He reported that he could be prosecuted.

Trump Organization lawyer Ron Fishetti confirmed to NBC News that the company’s lawyer had virtually met with the prosecutor on Thursday to discuss the case.

“They are expected to go down with accusations against the company, which is completely exorbitant,” he said, adding that the meeting took place at Zoom and lasted about nine minutes.

“Headquarters pleads not guilty and we make an immediate petition to dismiss the proceedings against the company,” he said.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office refused to comment on the issue.

Fishetti didn’t immediately return a message from the Associated Press.

No charges have been filed so far in long-term investigations. Prosecutors have scrutinized Trump’s tax records, submitted documents, and interviewed witnesses, including Trump insiders and company executives.

Law enforcement officers familiar with the matter say the investigation has reached a critical point. A grand jury was recently appointed to weigh the evidence, and New York Attorney General Letitia James appointed two of her lawyers to work with Vance in a criminal investigation while continuing Trump’s civil investigation. He said he was doing it.

Donald Trump’s company could be prosecuted soon next week

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