Dr Iftikhar Durrani indibell leaked video viral on twitter, Mohammad Zubair on telegram


An alleged video has gone viral on social media in the present day, allegedly of Pakistani Justice Movement chief Dr Iftikhar Durrani and PTI social media chief Rabia Malik.

A Twitter consumer named Pak Vocal tweeted a prolonged assertion claiming that the video was posted by Azhar Mashwani, Tehreek-e-Insaf’s head of social media.

Twitter consumer Pak Vocal broke the massive information, writing: “The disgusting video of PTI leader Dr. Iftikhar Durrani and Rabia Malik was made by PTI mascot ”Azhar Mashwani” and his group and posted in the present day”.

Pak Vocal has acknowledged that “Mishwani not only owns this video, but he also secretly recorded dozens of such indecent videos of party leaders.”

Pak Vocal, by way of his sources, revealed: “Azhar Mashwani has kin of Falak Javed, Sanam Javed, Sahar Bandyal, Ayla Malik, Malika Bukhari, Musrat Jamshed Cheema, Mard Saeed, Ramal Shah and dozens of different social gathering leaders and judges. There is video.

Pak Vocal’s Twitter consumer wrote, “A video was released today, but the series won’t stop there. More videos will be released in the coming days. Documenting someone’s personal life is a felony. Video blackmailing others.” .

Pak Vokal accused Imran Khan, writing: “Azhar Mashwani is doing all this in the name of Imran Niazi. I demand that our security forces and agencies arrest this shameful Azhar Mashwani as soon as possible. His mobile phone should be confiscated, this is outrageous.” Extortion should cease and have to be punished.”


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