Fans are satisfied Chinese kissing machine was predicted by Big Bang Theory

The Chinese kissing machine has gained an entire lot of consideration as a result of the invention appears to be out of the world, nonetheless it looks like Big Bang Theory would possibly want predicted this years prior to now.

The Simpsons are recognized for predicting the long term, nonetheless it looks like The Big Bang Theory would possibly want outdone themselves this time with their very personal prediction.

People on social media have been going gaga regarding the latest invention, the Chinese kissing machine, nevertheless some assume the current would possibly want predicted it sooner than.

What is the Chinese kissing machine?

As the establish suggests, the Chinese kissing machine is a lip-shaped model that’s activated by way of an app that allows folks to engage in digital kisses.

As per evaluations, the lips have been designed using silicon and are aimed to simulate the pressure and movement of kissing your loved one.

The retail worth for it’s $38. The invention received right here into being when the founding father of the machine, who goes by the ultimate establish Jiang, was impressed by his seven-year long-distance relationship.

Big Bang Theory had an equivalent episode

Season 5 episode 2 of the current was titled The Infestation Hypothesis by which Howard invented a kissing machine to help Leonard collectively along with his long-distance relationship with Priya who was in India.

In it, Howard explains that the machine is the correct reply for all the problems that long-distance {{couples}} have been coping with.

Similar to the Chinese kissing machine, the Big Bang Theory machine moreover stimulates the movement of the folks and transmits these alerts to make it seem pure.

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Fans assume the current predicted it

It didn’t take prolonged for followers of the current to draw parallels between the two devices as many have been quick to flood Twitter with suggestions reacting to the equivalent.

One individual wrote: “that kissing device was featured on #BigBangTheory over 10 years ago! But it was fictional.”

Another added: “China really went and created an actual Kissing Device for long-distance relationships just like one in The Big Bang Theory lmaooo.”

“I thought raj and Howard already tested this,” joked one different.

“China must think we only live in television shows. No one, literally no one, wants to reenact that painfully awkward scene from The Big Bang Theory between Howard and Raj with the creepy kissing device. Just stop,” talked about one different.

“Surely the patent for this should belong to Howard Wolowitz (big bang theory)” wrote one other.


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