Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained


The ninth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic sequence ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7, titled ‘Follow Me,’ follows Alicia’s encounter with a deaf pianist named Paul. To a perplexed Alicia, Paul explains that he saved her from a close-by barn. While she explains to him that she has to go away and uncover her buddies, Arno arrives at Paul’s dwelling in quest of her. (*7*) that his customer is in grave hazard, Paul extends his help to her, which paves the means wherein for life-threatening penalties. The episode ends with essential revelations with reference to the future of the survivors. On that phrase, enable us to decode the similar for you! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

‘Follow Me’ begins with Alicia dreaming of Senator Vazquez as she leads her followers to PADRE. Instead of unveiling the scenario of the alleged haven, the ineffective senator tries to chunk her, making her stand up. She realizes that she is at a stranger’s dwelling and encounters Paul, who informs her that he saved her from a barn. Meanwhile, Arno arrives on the dwelling and searches to go looking out Alicia, who hides beneath Paul’s piano. After his departure, Alicia explains to Paul that Arno needs her ineffective for risking quite a lot of lives amid her pursuit of PADRE.

Paul talks to Alicia about how his partner Rowan died in the course of the nuclear blast. (*7*) that he’s preventing loneliness, she invites him to hitch her and her group. They go to a close-by dwell efficiency hall and can be found all through Arno and his troopers, who tries to energy Alicia proper right into a van crammed with walkers to kill her. However, Alicia and Paul obtain escaping from the scene after taking photos at Arno’s palm. Paul agrees to hitch Alicia nevertheless he needs to see the tip of Arno first. Paul invites the enemies to his dwelling and begins having fun with music loudly to attract the walkers.

Arno and his troopers kill quite a lot of walkers and deal with to fight Paul and Alicia. Paul will get shot in between the fight and he asks his customer to flee with out him. Even though she decides in opposition to leaving him alone, Paul convinces her that he cannot accompany her with the little life left in him. For Alicia to flee, Paul distracts and stalls Arno, who lastly kills the pianist.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Ending: Why is Alicia Going Back to the Bunker?

When Alicia wakes up at Paul’s dwelling, she suffers from the distress of realizing that she sacrificed quite a lot of lives in quest of PADRE, which she couldn’t even uncover with the ineffective senator. The objectives of Senator Vazquez further add to her psychological agony as she confronts the actuality that her efforts to steer her followers to safety have been nothing nevertheless futile. However, Paul influences Alicia to technique her objectives in a definite dimension. According to the pianist, Vazquez’s corpse is a personification of her aspiration to safeguard her of us than an exact walker who might data her to a sanctuary.

The dialog with Paul helps Alicia to know that PADRE might be her ambition to protect her of us, which can nonetheless materialize if she manages to beat the Tower upon defeating Strand. However, she comes all through the requirement of a much bigger army to fight the battle. So, she decides to go away for the bunker to retrieve a transmitter which can help her enlarge her army to wage the battle in opposition to Strand. She informs her decision to Morgan and asks him to handle her group in her absence.

Alicia is conscious of that there’ll doubtless be survivors who search a haven identical to the Tower. The transmitter from the bunker is anticipated to help her contact these survivors and persuade them to hitch her to seize the administration of the Tower from Strand. The prospects of safety from the walkers, hostile survivors, and aftereffects of the nuclear blast might tempt the reverse like-minded survivors to hitch Alicia, if solely she has a possibility to speak with them. Thus, Alicia is getting down to find the transmitter from the bunker regardless of the hazards that await her alongside the means wherein, along with Arno.

Is Arno Dead or Alive? What are His Plans?

Arno is alive. Upon escaping from Arno and his troopers, Paul understands that he must be annihilated for Alicia to have a protected return to her group. The pianist’s plan virtually succeeds when the walkers arrive in waves at his dwelling and assault the (*9*) and their chief. Arno will get virtually bitten nevertheless he manages to flee from the clutches of a walker sooner than he’ll get contaminated. After killing Paul, he escapes from the dwelling with out getting harmed by the walkers. He begins the return journey with none of his troopers, who get killed at Paul’s dwelling, apart from Sage.

In between their journey, Arno and Sage come all through a limiteless herd of walkers. After witnessing the biters, Arno understands {{that a}} secure establishment is an inevitability. He and Sage concentrate on the necessity of conquering the Tower for themselves. Even though Alicia’s makes an try to go looking out PADRE have worth quite a lot of lives, Arno is conscious of that her intentions have been and are reliable. As quite a bit as he needs to kill her, the chief of the (*9*) is aware that Alicia is appropriate about discovering a spot to protect the survivors, which may become the one choice to survive. These realizations have an effect on him to plan for seizing the Tower. We would possibly even see Arno, Alicia, and Strand battling each other for the authority of Strand’s unparalleled refuge.

Arno might proceed his pursuit to kill Alicia and most likely start combating her energy to reduce opposition. Strand, who’s compelled to prepare for a battle in opposition to Alicia, might encounter Arno as one different excessive danger.


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