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Fox News Poll: Voters Say IRS, Facebook Too Powerful


There are clear concerns among voters about big tech companies and big government.

When it comes to Big Tech, one problem is bias. According to the latest Fox News National Survey, only 26% of voters trust social media companies to make fair decisions about content posted on the platform. Much more, 69 percent do not believe they are fair.

Democrats (37%) are twice as likely as Republicans (19%) to trust social media companies to make fair decisions about content, but the majority of both do not (19%). 58% and 78%, respectively).

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Another issue is the size and reach of Big Tech. About half of voters want to go bankrupt some of the most well-known tech companies. 53% support Facebook’s dissolution and 46% feel the same about Amazon, Apple and Google.

Regulators agree. The House Judiciary Committee approved a law aimed at reducing the power of these tech giants on Thursday. In addition, the DC Attorney General filed an antitrust proceeding against Amazon in May, and in December last year 48 Attorney Generals filed a proceeding against Facebook trying to dissolve the company.

Feelings about the dissolution of Big Tech are stable among checking account holders. Half of those who have a Facebook account (51%) think that social media companies should be disbanded. Meanwhile, nearly half of Amazon (45%) and Google (44%) account owners, and Apple device owners (47%), support the dissolution of those companies.

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In general, Facebook continues to be the top tech company involved with voters, as 63% say it’s too powerful. This is followed by Google at 55%, Apple at 52%, and Amazon at 51%. All of these numbers have increased since 2019.

For comparison, 65 percent say the IRS is too strong, and 51 percent say the same about the FBI.

Still, Uncle Sam outperforms them all. A majority of 68% say the federal government is too powerful. In 2019 it was 67%.

Its coherence masks major changes that are consistent with changes in the president’s party rule. Currently, 82% of Republicans believe the government is too strong, up 13 points from 69% two years ago. 54% of Democrats agreed, down 9 points from 63% in 2019. So the 6-point gap between Republicans and Democrats is now 28 points.

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There is a similar, but small, partisan gap between the Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the IRS being too strong (18 points gap), the FBI (18 points), and Facebook (13 points).

Compared to 2019, Republicans are 10 points more likely to think Facebook is too powerful, and Democrats are 1 point less likely to hold that view.

The Fox News Poll was conducted June 19-22, 2021 under the joint guidance of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R). The total sample has a sampling error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Victoria Balara of Fox News contributed to this report.

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