Hailey Dunn Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?


In December 2010, a preferred intermediate school supporter disappeared without a trace, bring about a determined search in her home town of Colorado City,Texas But Hailey Dunn’s loss was constantly shrouded in enigma, with lots of inquiries bordering the situations when the occurrence took place. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Still a Mystery: The Death of Innocence’ highlights the job that entered into searching for Hailey, something that finished in disaster years later on. So, allow’s discover even more regarding what occurred after that, shall we?

How Did Hailey Dunn Die?

Hailey Darlene Dunn was a 13-year-old who stayed in Colorado City with her mom, Billie Dunn, bro, as well as Billie’s live-in partner,Shawn Adkins She was referred to as a charming, sparkling, as well as caring individual. Hailey liked playing sporting activities as well as took an energetic component in volley ball, basketball, as well as softball. She was additionally skilled at playing the saxophone. But the little lady’s life took a terrible kip down December 2010.

On December 28, 2010, Billie reported her child missing out on. Shawn was believed to have actually been the last individual to see Hailey active. He informed the authorities that at around 3 PM on December 27, Hailey informed him she would certainly see her dad, who lived nearby, prior to remaining over at a buddy’s area for the evening. But Hailey never ever made it to either area. Despite a strenuous look for her, she was no place to be located. Then, in March 2013, a walker located a body near a lake in Scurry County, Texas, regarding 20 miles fromColorado City It was later on recognized as Hailey’s. However, a reason as well as way of fatality were originally not revealed.

Who Killed Hailey Dunn?

Shawn’s account of occasions came under examination immediately since the good friend Hailey was expected to satisfy stated that they never ever had strategies to obtain with each other that day. Furthermore, he asserted that he was discharged from his work on the very same day, which became not true. Shawn had actually left his office within mins of getting here on December 27, 2010. He asserted to have actually mosted likely to his mom’s area in Big Spring, Texas, after leaving operate at around 6:10 AM, yet phone documents placed him in Colorado City in between 6:35 AM as well as 6:56 AM.

Hailey’s grandma asserted that the 13-year-old was frightened of Shawn since he would certainly view her during the night while standing at the entrance of her area. A search of the Dunn house exposed a lot more troubling proof. In the bed room that Billie as well as Shawn shared, authorities found published newspaper article relating to serial awesomes, sex-related sadists, as well as individuals who killed their member of the family. Billie asserted that it was a leisure activity of theirs. Furthermore, in February 2010, Billie whined to the authorities that Shawn endangered to injure Hailey as well as her.

All of this led the authorities to concentrate onShawn Later, both Billie as well as Shawn had failed their lie detector examinations. When asked where Hailey might be located, Shawn recommended she may be inScurry County In February 2011, authorities found considerable youngster porn at Billie’s house as well as Shawn’s mom’s home. Billie was later on accused of existing to the authorities relating to Shawn’s location. In June 2011, she begged no competition to making an incorrect record as well as was offered probation.

While Shawn was called an individual of rate of interest, he preserved his virtue, much likeBillie Shawn said, “I struggle so hard just to make it through the day. I can’t begin to imagine what Hailey’s family, especially her parents and brother, are going through.” However, Hailey’s dad believed that Shawn was in charge of his child’s murder which Billie understood greater than she allow on.

But the situation lastly saw an apprehension in June 2021 when Shawn, regarding 35 years of ages, was taken right into custody in regard to Hailey’s murder. While it was reported that a DNA example led the way for the apprehension, the authorities have actually been tight-lipped relating to any type of various other information in the event. He was detained in Big Spring prior to being required to the Mitchell County Detention Center in Texas.

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