Harold Sasko Murder: Where is Sarah Gonzales- McLinn Now?


In January 2014, business owner Harold Sasko’s family members was stressed when they could not obtain him. But they never ever can have envisioned that he was the target of a terrible murder. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fear Thy Roommate: Down the Rabbit Hole’ narrates the scary information of Harold’s slaying through the individual that was coping with him at the time. So, if you’re interested to recognize even more regarding what took place, right here’s what we understand!

How Did Harold Sasko Die?

Harold “Hal” Sasko was a Florida indigenous and also was the tenth youngster in a brood of twelve. After mosting likely to university in Oklahoma for regarding 2 years, Hal operated at the home office of a pizza dining establishment chain inTexas He after that transferred to Kansas with his family members throughout the 1990s. At the moment of the case, Hal possessed 3 pizza dining establishments there. He resided in Lawrence, Kansas, with a roomie.

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On January 17, 2014, Hal’s family members requested for a well-being check since they had not learnt through him for a couple of days. When the policemans mosted likely to Hal’s residence, they located the 52-year-old stretched on the flooring. His hands were bound with zip connections, and also his throat was reduced. The injury was so deep that he was virtually beheaded. There was blood on the scene, with words “FREEDOM” composed on the wall surface in Hal’s blood. The cops likewise saw beer canisters, and also a few of them had traces of a resting tablet on them.

Who Killed Harold Sasko?

A toxicology record later on verified that Hal had resting tablets in his system. The authorities discovered that Hal’s vehicle was missing out on, together with his roomie, Sarah Brooke Gonzales- McLinn. She had to do with 19 years of ages at the time and also had actually been coping with Hal for greater than a year. Sarah likewise operated at among Hal’s dining establishments. Hal’s family members later on stated that she relocated with him while taking care of some individual concerns. Initial uncertainties of Sarah being abducted were swiftly vanquished when they discovered that she was the one that repelled in Hal’s vehicle.

On January 25, 2014, Sarah was located at the Everglades National Park in Florida, oversleeping Hal’s vehicle, unlawfully camping there. Inside the car, there were weapons, blades, and also somehashish Upon examining, Sarah admitted to the murder. She claimed that she did it since she wished to know exactly how it really felt to eliminate somebody. Sarah confessed to determining 5 days prior to eliminating Hal and also taking actions to ensure it took place.

On January 14, Hal returned residence and also started consuming while servicing an audio speaker system. At some factor, he asked Sarah to bring him a beer. She after that included resting tablets that she had actually squashed earlier to the beer. After time, Hal lost consciousness, and also Sarah continued to bind his ankle joints and also wrists with zip connections. She utilized a searching blade to make a deep stab injury in his neck and after that nearly sawed Hal’s head from his body.

Sarah after that showered prior to evacuating her points and also going out in Hal’s vehicle. She initial headed to Texas prior to mosting likely toFlorida At Sarah’s test, the procedures were focused around her capability to develop an intent to eliminate. The protection’s professional witness testified that Sarah had a split personality condition which it was among her various other individualities that was accountable for Hal’s murder. The protection likewise competed that Sarah was sexually abused as a kid.

Sarah likewise mentioned later on that coping with Hal featured a great deal of limitations. She stated, “I think more than anything he made me feel he owned me. I was a toy to him, like his personal barbie doll. That’s what he tried to make me.” More statement showed that Hal paid for Sarah’s plastic surgery, specifically a nose surgery and also butt implants.

Where is Sarah Gonzales- McLinn Now?

Sarah was eventually condemned of first-degree conscious murder with irritating variables. In September 2015, she was punished to half a century to life behind bars. Sarah stated after her sentencing, “I’d like the chance to say I’m sorry to my family, and Hal’s too. I know you have every right to hate me for the rest of your lives, and I know I’m asking a lot, but I hope that one day you find it in your hearts to forgive me.” In May 2021, Sarah was re-sentenced to 25 years to life after it was regarded that she got inadequate advise throughout her test. As per jail documents, Sarah continues to be jailed at Topeka Correctional Facility inKansas The earliest she can leave jail is in 2039.

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