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Haunted house in Jurong Street 81 – any truth to the viral declare?


Open your eyes, ears and all the things earlier than shopping for a house. Just don’t purchase a flat as a result of it’s bought at a reduction. Buying a house in Singapore is a really huge deal as it’s costly and mortgage reimbursement will go till our age 40s. My buddy learnt it the exhausting approach so simply sharing her story for these shopping for HDB flat.

This is my buddy story thus simply sharing just for us to watch out when shopping for a house. Below is my buddy’s standpoint’s story to forestall any misunderstanding.

I nonetheless keep in mind when my workplace cellphone rang, my husband was on the line saying that he noticed a great HDB 4 Room house deal at Jurong west road 81 blk 840. I’m not going to reveal the flooring quantity to forestall scaring the individuals dwelling the flooring in that exact road.

So, we organized a viewing with the agent and purchased it on the spot!Slightly little bit of historical past I’m going to point out in order that for those who got here throughout comparable case do think about rigorously. When we seen the flat, we discovered that it was renovated extensively, and we had been informed that the proprietor solely stayed for a short time and moved out.

As the proprietor had purchased the flats from HDB direct, they can’t promote the flat but (5 years rule), in order that they moved out to a rented flat and later rented a store unit.

I got here to know from analysis on-line and different households close by that Jurong West was beforehand a cemetery like lim chu kang cemetery (which defined the shut distance) and it had been reclaimed for the housing initiatives. Aka which meant I lived above a cemetery/lifeless individuals. More I analysis, extra I discover out that many blocks in Jurong west are haunted by means of the plentiful ghost tales about that place. which scared me as I had simply gotten married not too long ago and paid 400k+ for the house.

So please do your analysis earlier than you buy a flat which I study the exhausting approach.
Ok! now I’ll checklist all the incidences occurred throughout my two and the half years there.

1) As I used to be watching TV in the corridor, I used to see a number of occasions a black shadow darting at the nook of the room. One evening after watching TV alone, I believe it was about 2.00am and I used to be strolling to sleep, I heard a voice (very clear) calling me “MaMa!” as soon as and instinctively. I flip my head to my left the place the voice got here from. My complete physique went chilly when there was nothing there in any respect! My spouse and solely daughter had been sleeping soundly.

2) It was in the afternoon; my spouse was washing her hair in the bathroom. As she was sitting on the stool bending ahead holding the bathe above her head washing her hair. Suddenly, she felt that somebody gave her a tough push above her head. She unable to see that point coz her eyes had been coated with shampoo. Then instantly, she opens her eyes and name out to my daughter. She discovered that my daughter was certainly taking part in in the corridor all the time.

3) It was when a brand new neighbour moved in subsequent door and once they came to visit to get to know us. My spouse was at the gate chatting with them. And my daughter and I used to be watching TV in the corridor. The subsequent night after dinner in the hawker centre, we met them in the raise. Then, throughout our dialog, they talked about, “Where is your boy?” We informed them that we solely received a daughter, however they insisted that they noticed themself, my daughter in the corridor watching TV and there was a boy at the staircase taking part in and he was about 5 years previous! Both husband & spouse noticed that!

4) There was one night at about 10.00pm. I used to be having my bathtub then once I flip to face the wall behind me, I received a shocked!! There was a clear determine like a human (have no idea gal or man) moved from one wall to one other! I used to be shaking like a depart and naturally used the scorching bathe spray and spray to that path. Nothing occur in any respect, so I rapidly rushed out.

5) This final one is the ultimate straw we in a position to take earlier than we moved out to our personal condo which occurred the tenancy simply expires. (Pls be aware we will solely promote after 5 years for resale flat).

I forgot to point out that each one this time throughout the evening once we are sleeping in our locked master suite, we all the time heard noises like somebody twisting our room deal with and making an attempt to open the door. I did examine many occasions to no avail.

Ok! One night after watching TV, all of us went to sleep. As we entered our grasp room,
I needed to change on the TV in the room to proceed watching the program. We all received a shock!

There was a pair of deep lighted shinning blue eyes on the TV display screen.The TV was not even change on! Just to be sure that will not be a fault, I even pull out the plug from the socket! The pair of eyes was nonetheless there!

So, all of us rush to the second guestroom and locked ourselves inside. Both my spouse and daughter are crying like shit. I used to be additionally shivering however had to put up a courageous entrance.
While they fallen asleep later, I stayed up until morning. Guess what? We moved that morning! We managed to unload to one other man after it fortunately despite the fact that it was at a loss.

This is a real incidence witnessed by three of them and shared to me. I hope it assist anybody who needs to purchase a house in anyplace. Please be extra cautious when shopping for house as a result of it’s our greatest funding in Singapore in my view.

Cyrius Lee on Facebook dated 18 July 2021

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