How did Felix Banda aka Galamukani die? Motivational speaker and writer reason for dying defined

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Business Mentor, info, and persuasive orator by the determine of Felix Banda Otherwise generally called Col. GALAMUKANI has died.

We should get additional acquainted together with his passing and Felix Banda function for dying exhaustively.

What has been occurring with Galamukani? Dr. Rozious Siatwambo affirmed the passing notion about his companion and brother Felix Banda on his authority Facebook net web page, the assertion peruses the accompanying, Great Night My Dear Companion and Brother Felix Banda Also generally called Galamukani It is with crushing unhappiness that declares the passing on of Felix Banda referred to by the overwhelming majority of you as Galamukani.

My expensive brother has gone to accompany the Ruler. I’ve strolled with my all-climate companion from for as long as I can recall, an individual brimming with humor and warmth of kinship.

Galamukani has been a voice to deal with in our nation, an individual that has influenced an enormous portion of us someway.

I’m at speechlessness and devastated to lose a brother and companion who has abandoned fairly just a few recollections everlastingly engraved on our souls

What was Felix Banda function for dying? Felix Banda, prominently generally called Galamukani, was a notable writer and extremely efficient orator who as of late died, as indicated by true sources.

Felix Banda’s function for dying hasn’t been disclosed, nonetheless this. He uncovered in a gathering Felix Banda Medical disadvantage. that he expert quite a few sicknesses, along with pancreatic brokenness. He could have died because of it. In spite of the reality that we’ll refresh this net web page when now we have now official phrase on his function for dying.

Who was Felix Banda? On his authority Facebook net web page @COL Galamukani, he shared his private life and vocation. Peruse the beneath story to be acquainted with him.

BRIEF Account – FELIX”Galamukani”BANDA Who am I? Who is Felix Banda? Who is Galamukani? I’ll give a quick portrayal of who I’m proper right here.

I, Felix Banda was born on the seventeenth of May 1973 to Felix Banda Snr. (Expired) and Rita Moonga(Deceased) my of us. I’ll clock 47 years earlier this May 2020. I’m hitched Ruth Daka since October 2000 and have been honored with three nice little women significantly Luyando, Lumba, and Lusungu. I and Ruth have encountered just about 20 years of regular marriage.

Early Life Without looking out for compassion, I expert childhood in a not-wealthy foundation and my dad was an Educator. I spent my youth In Mandevu and Chipata Compound, did my elementary college in Lusaka, and went to Kitwe for my Auxiliary School teaching at Kitwe Young males’s Secondary School which I accomplished in 1992.

I recall all through my grade 9 meeting, I was granted for being the smartest understudy in Office Practice as a subject on the Public assessments.

At seven years earlier, I beforehand was engaged with the marketing of Fritas, Ice-blocks, and Desserts. I immediately understood that life was extreme throughout the hood and the precept method out was to help my of us concerning funding a portion of my little private requirements and that of our family too. Life in Zambia, with a small pay, can actually be testing.

Instructive Foundation With the grade 12 outcomes I purchased, I was urged to affix the Institute of Schooling on the College of Zambia by my dad, probably in delicate of the reality that he was an Educator too. I really could have achieved with out the thought, nonetheless all points considered, what was I to do?

He was my father. I was not acknowledged the preliminary time, nonetheless fairly father immediately acknowledged I could pursue the choice. I did so and was acknowledged.

I shortly graduated with a quiet Four yr certification throughout the last part of the 90s. I likewise evaluation that in one in all many evaluations in Math as a course in my single man’s program, I scored 100 computer in a CA. I share this in my e e book “We Don’t Simply Turn into”. I proceeded to be utilized by Rhodespark School as a Science Educator which I educated complete pretty properly.

My class of Science was the easiest class on the college recording a 100 computer transfer cost, a doc that’s however to be outperformed.

Regular Public speaker A particular white man from Australia perceived my talking ability all through a dialogue, he shared his opinions about what he had an outlook on my capacities.

“Felix, you are a characteristic public speaker with an immense funny bone. Have you at any point thought to be public talking on a considerably more expert even out? You could bring in cash out of this”, he shouted all through some modest dialogue.

I then, at the moment, remembered I had a attribute tendency to talk in broad daylight. I oozed such an additional of captivation that I started to routinely communicate. I turned out to be additional sure. I could dominate the air of my viewers and improvement my current so properly that they really wished to cry tears because of guffawing and finding out.

I evaluation at one time, I visited my senior brother Chibamba Kanyama requesting an space to talk on thought of one in all his duties via the 2000s. I wished to consummate my freshly discovered expertise.

He conceded me the open door and I gave a persuasive converse with a horde of contributors and the response was decreasing. I started to level out up on television to supply enterprise persuasive strategies. Quick forward, I later then signed up for a Graduate diploma program in Business Organization at Cavendish College throughout the last part of the 2000s.

By then, I had proactively stopped my frequent work as a Maths Educator pretty a protracted whereas once more in 2003 at age 30 to hunt after a occupation in Business Counseling.

I likewise continued to do a course in Venture The board. As a Creator Around then, I had beforehand been launched to diverse ranges and had advisable for some organizations, establishments, and organizations in Leader Training and Mentorship, Hierarchical Turn of events and System Detailing, Group Building help, Execution Improvement Drives, and Venture Assessment.

I’ve such a protracted strategies amongst others advisable for the American Government office, USAID, UNDP, ILO, UNICEF, OXFAM, ERB, NGOCC, ZDA, KCM, World Bank, ZICTA, Airtel, Ecobank, Malawi Income Authority, and so forth. While establishing my company beforehand, I had an alternate determine as a foremost concern to name my group nonetheless as soon as I gave these proposed names to PACRA for enlistment, they’d been undeniably taken up.

I then, at the moment, thought of a additional snappy determine that I was exceptionally positive no group had – “Galamukani” to actually point out “Wake up from sleep”. I thought of this determine out of disappointment that the alternative proposed names weren’t endorsed by PACRA. Galamukani then, at the moment, was my authority Counsel determine that met the enrollment office’s endorsement. Galamukani Counsel was an merely acknowledged determine that launched me to diverse conditions that I’d under no circumstances have longed for.

I traversed Zambia and earlier strains counseling for blue Chip organizations. To boast, I used to be most likely essentially the most pursued Featured materials educated at most Expert our our bodies’ yearly gatherings.

Persuasive Projects I confirmed up on Chibamba Kanyama’s Business Values Program on ZNBC on the ultimate portion of this technique named ‘Inspiration’.

I purchased a spot on Standard Sanctioned’s Business Values program that was broadcasted each Wednesday on ZNBC on the ultimate a part of this technique reliably for pretty some time.

I’ve been an emcee for quite a lot of educated and get-togethers along with these which have been gone to by his excellency the Conservative Leader of Zambia Mr. Edgar Lungu.

I sit on various group sheets to assist the affiliation of key initiative and execution analysis. I’m equally a parttime Coach of Science for optionally out there youthful faculty college students and pretty simply currently dealt with a tuition primarily based college that I had rented from the Changed Church in Zambia – Kamwala known as Agape via which I supervised its duties.

Being an educator and Expert In 2015, I delivered my most memorable e e book named “We Don’t Simply Turn into”, a e e book that was propelled by the quite a few battles I had persevered to get to the extent I had flip into and the examples that I picked up all through my tour of being an Educator and Specialist.

We must be liable for our time, by not bamboozling the world. Family, Vocation, Riches, Otherworldly, Wellbeing, and Social Effect have a selected normal verifiable pattern.

Concentrating on readiness, being decisively positioned throughout the public eye, and flourishing in networks whereas exploiting our uniqueness, esteem and our future of significance are a portion of the themes of this e e book. As of late last yr, I was shrunk by the World Bank via which I wished to work with duties in South Africa and shortly in Sudan.

To boast barely, my best doc has been giving a persuasive discourse to at the very least one hour merely via which I was paid ZMK 44,000.00.

Discussing figures, I’ve advisable for organizations which have compensated me over ZMK 350,000.00 for half a month’s duties.

I had been on a program shrunk by a selected world company via which I was entrusted to solely work with a shortlisting cycle inside their framework to place out the easiest asset. I was paid ZMK100,000.00 for full time work. I’ve made better than $1.5m (Over Zak 20m) in my occupation in Business Counseling all via the sooner 16 years and put sources into properties and completely different Pay producing sources. Books composed I compose this to solely give a stage of inspiration to you to perception the cycle. It clearly takes care of as quickly as your pertinent expertise or giving has been acknowledged.

All in all, I’m as of now dealing with my subsequent e e book named “Why They Are Poor”, a provocative e e book that tries to incite the psyche on why you might in any case be destitute as of now or most likely. I’ve furthermore framed what I’ve alluded to as a result of the ‘Galamukani Organization’.

This is a company of individuals that will share concepts regarding Abundance creation, Social Capital enchancment, Otherworldly enchancment, Vocation Improvement, and Wellbeing nicely being. We hope to develop this group repeatedly to oblige nonetheless many visionaries as could reasonably be anticipated to impression our ongoing age after which some.

We can create as a country On the off chance that we could be sturdy in these viewpoints.


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