How Did Joby Palczynski Die? Where is Tracy Whitehead Now?


Over a couple of days in March 2000, Joseph Palczynski was thought to have actually been responsible for a spree of murders, kidnappings, and also a captive scenario inevitably leading to a terrible fatality. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Your Worst Nightmare: The One That Got Away’ narrates the troubling and also unsafe growths throughout the instance that left individuals in Baltimore County, Maryland, in worry for their lives. So, allow’s discover what occurred after that, shall we?

Who Was Joby Palczynski?

Joseph Chester Palczynski was birthed in November 1968. He made use of to function as an electrical contractor and also was a body builder and also an outdoors type. However, the 31-year-old additionally had a distressed past. During his more youthful days, Joby was founded guilty of attacking a lot of his teen partners, primarily under 18 years old. According to the authorities, Joby was additionally in and also out of psychological centers and also was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder.

Joby had actually been dating 22-year-old Tracy Whitehead for concerning 2 years when she ultimately made a decision to leave him. They at first satisfied at a regional shop inBaltimore County Their partnership began well, however Joby was known for his manipulative, managing, and also fierce habits. Soon, Tracy additionally experienced the rage of his temper when he beat and also abused her. In 2000, Tracy made a decision to finish the partnership. At the moment, she was operating at a regional shop and also was advertised to assistant supervisor.

Tracy conserved up cash to locate an apartment or condo of her very own given that she coped with Joby till after that. But given that the home was not mosting likely to prepare to relocate immediately, Tracy talked with her supervisor at the workplace, 50-year-oldGloria Shenk The kind female was greater than delighted to invite Tracy right into her house till she can relocate right into her brand-new home. Around the very same time, Tracy additionally called 911 and also accused Joby of attacking and also intimidating to eliminate her. He was apprehended however later on launched on bond, bring about a collection of dreadful occasions.

On March 7, 2000, Joby gone into Gloria’s house with an opened gliding door. He shot and also killed Gloria and also her 49-year-old spouse,George Then, Joby dragged Tracy away from the house by her hair. When a next-door neighbor, 42-year-old David Meyers, hurried to assist her, Joby fired him to fatality. He after that repelled withTracy Joby took her right into the timbers, where he continued to attack and also intimidate to eliminate her.

While averting authorities, Joby shot and also killed 37-year-old Jennifer McDonel while attempting to swipe her auto on March 8. In the procedure, a 2-year-old youngster was additionally harmed due to a roaming bullet. Joby after that took an automobile from an 81-year-old female. He drove Tracy to a motel in Rosedale, Maryland, where she saw a police car and also ran in the direction of it, leaving Joby’s clutches. He after that took off right into the timbers walking.

Joby emerged in Virginia afterwards, breaking right into a house to swipe weapons, apparel, and also a vehicle. When that car lost ground, he compelled a 53-year-old William Terrell on March 10 to drive him back toBaltimore County On March 17, Joby barged right into your home of Tracy’s mom, Lynn Whitehead, in Dundalk,Maryland Also existing were her partner Andrew McCord and also their child, 12-year-oldBrad This brought about a stressful captive scenario for concerning 4 days. Joby required to see Tracy in return for the captives’ secure return.

How Did Joby Palczynski Die?

Joby remained to hold the 3 of them captive and also also shot at the police officers that bordered the structure. As the authorities attempted to work out the captives’ launch while managing Joby’s state of mind swings, Lynn made a decision to take issues right into her very own hands. She mixed Xanax right into his cold tea, after which he dropped off to sleep. Lynn and also Andrew left your home. Then, the authorities breached the house and also saved Brad by capturing Joby to fatality on March 21, 2000. According to the postmortem examination, he was fired 27 times.

Where is Tracy Whitehead Now?

Initially, after Tracy Whitehead left from Joby, she remained with her auntie in East Baltimore,Maryland She later on stated that while in the timbers, he recommended to her, adding, “He put the ring on my finger. He said he knew it wasn’t good timing, and it ain’t never going to happen, but he wanted to ask me anyway, and I said yes, that I would, and I cried.” After the authorities discovered that Joby had actually taken a trip to Baltimore, Tracy was positioned under safety protection at a resort.

Once the challenge finished, Tracy attempted to resolve right into day-to-day life. She discovered how to drive, worked with her drug issue, and also intended to see to it no one would certainly ever before treat her the method Joby did. She additionally had a kid from a previous partnership. Tracy is currently wed and also appears to reside in Maryland and also leads a delighted life with her spouse and also kids.

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