How to erase SD card

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SD Card Clearing

  • Formatting an SD card erases all data.
  • Formatting modifications a device’s file storage system and clears it.
  • Simple formatting replaces the file system.
  • This is equal to deleting all data and frees up the SD card for model spanking new ones.
  • Thorough formatting overwrites card data randomly. This chance prevents easy data restoration.
  • Windows and macOS every embrace the required efficiency to clear an SD card with out further software program program.
  • You can choose between a faster nevertheless a lot much less secure chance and a slower nevertheless safer chance.

Windows SD Card Clearing

  • File Manager, Right-click your SD card beneath This PC.
  • Windows File Manager highlights an SD card.
  • Format.
  • Windows contextual SD card menu highlights format.
  • Select a file system from the dropdown.
  • Windows format exhibits file system decisions.
  • Start.
  • Ok.
  • Mac: Open Disk Utility to clear SD card.
  • Spotlight’s Disk Utility.
  • External SD card.
  • Delete.
  • Disk Utility erasing.
  • Click Format.

Disk Utility’s format dropdown.

  • Click format.
  • Options Security.
  • Disk Utility Security Options.
  • Adjust the slider and click on on OK.
  • Click Erase after renaming the SD card.


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