How to Type an Exponent on a Keyboard


How to Type a Power on a Windows Computer

  • Place the insertion pointer the place you need an exponent and press the Num lock key on the keyboard.
  • Select the Alt key on the amount pad and keep it down.
  • Use the numeric keypad to kind the alt code (0185) for exponent 1.
  • Use Alt + 0178 for the second exponent and Alt + 0179 for the third.
  • For each exponent, the Alt secret is used with a particular set of numbers, which you’ll have the option to merely uncover with an on-line search.

Check out the Character Map.

  • Type “character map” into the search discipline.
  • By clicking on the tip end result, the Character Map will open.
  • Choose a font or use “Ariel” as a result of the default to see all the characters that may be utilized with that font.
  • To see the superscript, scroll by way of the small tiles or kind “superscript” into the Search space.
  • Please choose the amount with a superscript and click on on the Select button to place it inside the Characters to repeat space.
  • Choose Copy, after which paste it into the app you need.

How to Use a Mac to Type an Exponent

  • Open Notes, Pages, TextEdit, or one different programme which will create paperwork, and type the underside amount and the amount you want for the exponent. X2 is an environment friendly occasion.
  • Choose the amount that you just simply want to multiply by.
  • Choose Format, Font, Baseline, after which Superscript.

How to Type an Exponent

  • On Android, Open the app the place you would like to kind the exponent and tap the textual content material space to convey up the keyboard.
  • To switch to the amount pad, press the? 123 keys.
  • Type the underside amount or a variable, corresponding to “x.”
  • Hold down the amount you would like to use as a result of the exponent and press it as soon as extra.
  • Choose the superscript from the guidelines of selections above the amount.

How to Type a Power on an iPhone

  • Go to Settings, then General, then Keyboard, after which Text Replacement.
  • Click the “+” button inside the greater correct nook.
  • Go to a site that makes symbols and make a superscript for the amount you want.
  • Please write it down.
  • Paste the amount that may be the exponent beneath “Phrase.”
  • Enter a shortcut (like “2”) beneath Shortcut.
  • Choose Save.
  • Use the shortcut in any textual content material, and repeat the steps in order to add textual content material replacements for various exponents.


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