I graduated with honors — trolls say my grad pics make me look ‘dumb as hell’


Her cheeky commencement pics have social media cut up. 

In celebration of incomes a level from the University of Arizona this month, one freakishly versatile scholar tossed on a pair of see-through platform heels and a purple thong to pose in an upside-down cut up on a stripper pole that she stationed on the primary yard of the campus. 

Responding to an explicitly-worded Twitter question about serving fierceness in “an academic way,” a redheaded latest grad, recognized on-line as Rachel Davenpole, tweeted, “Like this,” alongside frames from her NSFW photoshoot.

To the fitting of her eye-popping cut up pic was a shot of her swinging across the pole, absolutely clothed in a white midi costume beneath her cap and robe regalia. 

The attractive snaps scored greater than 6.7 million views from a divided Twitter viewers, arguing over whether or not Rachel’s risqué show was fabulously improbable or just pornographic. 

“Damn, best graduation pictures ever,” cheered an approving fan of the images. 

“This actually impressive as f–k,” wrote one other supporter. 

“This is beyond a flex,” tweeted a separate admirer. 

But fault-finding critics cringed on the sight of Rachel’s presumed raunchiness. 

The backlash was paying homage to the digital vitriol obtained by a Florida A&M pupil who posed nude in her commencement flicks final spring.

However, when a male highschool posed in a bathrobe in honor of his 2019 commencement feat, he was virally dubbed a “legend.”

Conversely, on-line trolls feverishly slut-shamed Rachel.

“This is very whorish,” chided one antagonist. 

“Degenerate!” exclaimed an equally perturbed Twitter person. 

“You look dumb as hell,” stated one other detractor, including the laughing emoji for emphasis. 

In response to the flack, Rachel fired back, claiming: “Graduated Magna Cum Laude (3.8 GPA) and received over $40,000 in scholarships … let’s get u a mirror so we can see who this tweets about babes.”

On Instagram — the place she additionally plastered her controversial stills — the flexible grad, who obtained a bachelor’s in public well being, graciously thanked her household and buddies for his or her assist. 

“Cheers to the future,” stated Rachel in closing. 


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