I have one of the weirdest jobs in football – every time my team scores, I fire up my chainsaw and chop wood


FOOTBALL has had lots of eccentric mascots however none extra so than a person with a chainsaw.

Portland Timbers of the MLS have a practice that when the dwelling team scores, a chainsaw is fired up and a chunk is sliced off a large log and positioned on a stand behind one of the objectives.

Timber Joey succeeded Timber Jim again in 2008 and has been firing his chainsaw up ever since.

The slice of wood is taken round the stadium with followers invited to the touch it and at the finish of the sport the slice is offered to the purpose scorer.

If a goalkeeper retains a clear sheet then in addition they get a slice, typically gamers preserve the piece of wood and different occasions they signal them and donate to charity.

Speaking to The Athletic, Joey whose full identify is Joey Webber stated: “There’s purpose celebrations throughout the world that have massive traditions.

“Spiking the ball and doing all of your dance for a landing in NFL, or a baseball participant would possibly level to the sky after they hit a house run.

“This is just a tradition that started with Jim, but it’s something that everyone can get involved with.”

The logging trade has performed an enormous half in Oregon’s tradition and economic system.

Joey added: ” I grew up in a city that had 16 timber mills when I was a child, so everybody in that group for the most half was employed in the forestry trade.


“If you walk out of our stadium and look up you see on the largest parks in the world inside city limits, Forest Park, which is full of the same trees I’m cutting.”

Joey feels the custom is particular and is glad individuals who didn’t develop up like he did can expertise it.

He stated: ” I suppose it’s even a bit extra particular as a result of individuals who didn’t develop up the approach I did get to witness it proper there in downtown Portland.

“I think it’s a neat tradition, there are nearly two million people in the surrounding area and people travel from all over the state to attend games, which is another million.”

Joey is hopeful that every time he slices off a chunk of wood, individuals who haven’t seen it earlier than may develop into hooked up to the membership.

“Every time we saw off a slice of timber there might be one new person who hasn’t seen it before and it could attach them to the team the way I was attached to it.”

Portland Timbers at the moment sit eighth in the MLS Western Conference.


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