I was scolded by a Karen for being ‘half-naked’ in my outfit – my revenge ruined her day, she was trembling


A WOMAN has recalled the interplay she had with a Karen who took difficulty with the outfit she was carrying in a public buying area.

She responded to the Karen’s criticism in a stunning and distinctive method that left the lady trembling.

“Okay, I love this comment mostly because I’ve done this before, and I want to kind of tell the story about it,” Jade (@jadeybird) mentioned in her TikTok video responding to a followers remark.

“So that is the story time of my first interplay with a Karen ever.

“So it began in the Charlotte Tilbury in LA. I assume it was the Grove mall.

“I was nonetheless residing in Canada on the time and I was visiting. So clearly once you go to LA for the day you gown for an Instagram image.

“So I had like a tremendous saggy blazer on and it was buttoned, however you can see my bralette by it and that was the outfit.

“Like I wasn’t wearing pants, but it was long enough to the point where it almost looked like a dress, so I didn’t need pants.”

Jade detailed the interplay she had with the Karen that left her reeling from anger.

“So me and my mother are trying on the merchandise, sort of testing it out.

“Obviously to try it out you should go near the mirror.

“And this rando comes as much as us and is like ‘excuse me, are you able to again up, you’re like all around the make-up.;

“And my mom was being nice. She was like ‘oh excuse me.’ And I was like no no no no no. I said ‘excuse me do you work here?’ And she’s like ‘no but you’re like breathing over everything.’ So I looked at her and I was like, ‘you’re breathing on me right now. Like talking to me this close.’”

Jade moved on to recall what she says is the “best part.”

“Then this girl goes ‘look at you, you’re like half naked. And then goes to my mom ‘you let her dress like this, like look at her. She’s like naked, like it’s disgusting.”

She defined that she has “always wanted to have an experience with a Karen just because I always thought I could just really like ruin her day.”

She continued: “So she was me from throughout. The employees are attempting to love break it up, trigger now I’m in this woman’s face. And she’s me. And I utterly opened up my blazer and uncovered [myself to] her. Like utterly.

“I was wearing a bralette, but it was a white lacy see-through bralette, and my nipples were pierced, so you could see everything.”

Jade talked in regards to the girl’s response to being flashed.

“The best part was her face,” she mentioned.

She described how the lady gasped and trembled.

According to Jade, the Karen mentioned “that girl just exposed herself to me.”

The woman concluded her video: “Moral of the story, I got kicked out, and then my mom was super mad at me.”


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