Iftikhar Durrani and Rabia Malik PTI leaked on videos and twitter and reddit


Iftikhar Durrani, a former adviser to Pakistani President Dhrikh Insaf, is thought, however not a lot is thought about Rabia Malik, a lady mentioned to be near the PTI chief.

As the clips grew to become a sensation amongst social media customers, Rabia Malik appeared within the well-liked part of the microblogging web site Twitter. Some staunch supporters and social gathering members have tried to downplay the incident by labeling the lady within the viral video as Iftikhar’s spouse.

Amidst the conflicting accounts, netizens shortly pieced collectively the details to refute the PTI worker’s claims. According to info shared on Twitter, Rabia Malik has been appointed deputy head of PTI’s Twitter staff.

The girl, who has been a part of the Twitter and Facebook core groups for a while, is alleged to be a serious contributor to hashtag developments and outreach applications that helped the previous ruling social gathering obtain the absolute best digital footprint.


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