“I’m seated”: The Glory’s followers react to the brand new trailer of the extremely anticipated second a part of the drama

Netflix dropped the most-expected trailer for the second piece of The Magnificence, that features Melody Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun in lead jobs.

Written by star-author Kim Eun-sook and coordinated by Ahn Gil-ho, the story follows Moon Dong-eun’s tour of vengeance and reclamation. She is trying to find retribution in the direction of the people who harassed and tormented her in secondary school.


The totally exhilarating journey resounded with audiences whole who had been enthusiastically sitting tight for the second and ultimate piece of the sequence. Fans are standing by to see Moon Dong-eun’s salvation as she provides alongside along with her culprits in a karmic story of explicit individual and frigid vengeance.

The Magnificence’s followers have taken to digital leisure to reply to the trailer for the subsequent half. They took to web-based leisure to debate their fervor and expectation about The Greatness season two, which might drop on Walk 10, 2023.

The Brilliance’s followers reply enthusiastically to the trailer for the second piece of the much-anticipated current

The Magnificence’s followers had blissful responses to the exhilarating trailer for the second piece of the much-anticipated current. Fans have responded with phrases like “goosebumps” and “exciting” to the trailer, saluting the producers on delivering an edge-of-the-seat trailer.

The Brilliance dropped a pristine banner and trailer for the second piece of the much-anticipated current, which, as referenced prior, drops on Walk 10, 2023, on Netflix.

The banner components the whole strong on the entrance in a woodland suggestive of the nursery of Eden. It highlights Moon Dong-eun (Melody Hye-kyo) and Joo Yeo-jeong (Lee Do-hyun), and has textual content material that peruses “Welcome to my damnation.” Every one of many characters are carrying white, which merely goes to symbolize the immaculateness of their spirits and targets.

Another banner highlights Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) and her important totally different Ha Do-yeong (Jung Sung-il) clutching the straws that broke the camel’s once more of their marriage.

The ultimate banner highlights Yeom Hye-ran, who performs the maid Kang Hyeon-nam, a casualty of homegrown maltreatment. In the banner, she is taking a gander at Jeon Jae-joon (Park Sung-hoon), intriguing watchers about their state of affairs inside the second piece of the sequence.

Now that every one of many enjoying playing cards are uncovered sooner than all individuals, the second piece of The Brilliance amenities spherical how Moon Dong-eun and Park Yeon-jin attempt to one-up one another in a sink or swim fight. It is a fight the place the ladies have all that in question.

The males of their lives are wrestling with their very personal feelings throughout the retribution journey. In the interim, fully totally different harassers try to scramble out of the cloudy circumstance, guaranteeing guiltlessness. Watchers stand by eagerly to check whether or not or not Moon Dong-eun will accomplish her long-arranged retribution or not.

There is a few fascinating hinting with reference to the trailer too. For occasion, one explicit individual remarks in a voice-over “I swear I will track down one more hair curling accessory to use on you.” This has followers interested by who will come up worthwhile in the end and what’s going to end up mooning Dong-eun as quickly as her vengeance is accomplished.

Before the arrival of the subsequent trailer, YouTuber Minhoaurs made a couple of intriguing forecasts with regard to the current.

The YouTuber feels that there’s a fixed reference to the new iron twist that was utilized to eat Moon Dong-eun. Minhoaurs states that the new iron twist has been referred to inside the trailer for the subsequent half.

The YouTuber feels that Moon Dong-eun may make the most of a scorching iron twist on her perpetrator in to set off her to actually really feel the aggravation and ache she felt pretty a while once more as a extreme schooler. She may in the finish seize all that from Park Yeon-jin and assume administration over her life, abandoning her perpetrator and frantic as a component of her karmic vengeance plan.

To verify this, Minhoaurs makes reference to Moon Dong-eun’s discourse from one of many earlier episodes, which hints that Melody Hye-kyo will contact her brilliance and that Park Yeon-jin will contact her salvation in The Magnificence. The commerce is:

Fans are eager to take a look at the second time of the darling current and as is clear from their responses, they’ll hardly sit tight for it to begin gushing on Netflix. As they perception that the current will stream on Walk 10, 2023, followers can re-watch the main season merely on Netflix.


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