Is Arno Dead? Did Spenser Granese Leave FTWD?


The second half of AMC’s post-apocalyptic assortment ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7 begins with Arno trying to grab Alicia for sacrificing plenty of lives within the hunt for PADRE. After a failed attempt to seize her, Arno turns his consideration to seizing the administration of the Tower for the sake of his followers. In the eleventh episode of season 7, Arno abducts Daniel, Luciana, and Wes to look out out the coordinates of the weapons Dwight found for Alicia and Morgan’s navy. Arno’s actions, however, end up threatening his private life. If you’re curious in regards to the future of the antagonistic character and the best way ahead for Spenser Granese throughout the current, you’re on the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Arno Dead?

Yes, Arno is lifeless. After declaring battle in opposition to Victor for conquering the Tower, Arno seeks plenty of means to construct up weapons. He finds out that Dwight had found a stack of weapons in an unknown location. For the coordinates of the position, Arno directions the kidnapping of Daniel, Luciana, and Wes. Daniel agrees to supply the coordinates, solely in return for his late daughter Ofelia. Arno lies that he has Ofelia with him to Daniel, who supplies fake coordinates to the chief of the Stalkers. To seize the weapons, half of Arno’s troop leaves for the fake location, leaving Arno and Sage with out loads security.

Daniel kills Sage after realizing that Ofelia is not going to be on a yacht throughout the camp as Arno has instructed him. Furious, he goes to Arno, traps him in a cage, and lowers it to the walkers. The biters eat Arno’s legs, making him contaminated. Wes, to not let Arno reanimate as a walker, kills him and ends his struggling. Arno’s ambition to beat the Tower and intervention in Alicia and Morgan’s affairs lead him to his dying. Lying to Daniel, a father who hasn’t accepted his daughter’s dying, costs Arno his life.

Although Arno’s aspiration to safeguard his neighborhood costs his life, he manages to influence Luciana that the Stalkers desire a model new dwelling. Before dying, Arno reveals to Daniel, Luciana, and Wes that the walkers from the pit are a excessive menace to the survival of the residing. After listening to Arno’s phrases, Luciana decides to welcome the remaining Stalkers into Alicia and Morgan’s navy since every communities want to seize the Tower. Even when dying closes in on him, Arno needs his fellow Stalkers to remain collectively to fight for his or her survival and security.

Did Spenser Granese Leave FTWD?

Even though neither AMC nor Spenser Granese has launched a press launch referring to the actor’s departure from the current, Arno’s dying does level out that Granese had nearly positively left ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ The character’s dying seemingly completes the chief of the Stalkers’ story arc, with out leaving loads scope for the actor’s reappearance. The solely attainable method to see Granese’s Arno throughout the upcoming episodes of the current ought to be via the needs of Alicia, limiting the actor’s half throughout the assortment to some potential customer appearances eventually.

Ever since Arno’s introduction throughout the first half of the seventh season, the character appears to be an antagonistic-yet-significant presence in Alicia’s life. The character’s dying and Granese’s attainable departure level out that the rest of the seventh season nearly positively will primarily revolve throughout the battle between Victor and Alicia, with out an individual storyline for the Stalkers. Granese’s portrayal of Arno is among the many commendable performances throughout the seventh season of the current. We can anticipate the actor to astound us with one different good effectivity in Katie Holmes’ ‘Alone Together.’


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