Is August: Osage County Based on a True Story?


Directed by John Wells, ‘August: Osage County’ is a tragiccomedy movie that follows the members of the Weston family. The disappearance of family patriarch Beverly Weston brings collectively the entire members of the dysfunctional clan. Violet Weston, the family matriarch, has oral most cancers and has a indicate streak that could be seen from afar. Her daughters and sister have their very personal honest proportion of drama and factors that result in a tragic, albeit hilarious, journey.

The viewers can’t help nonetheless watch as a result of the movie ends in an inevitably chaotic end. With stars like Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor, and Benedict Cumberbatch, the film has obtained a variety of awards since its launch in 2013 and has been nominated for rather more. Given completely the trainwreck of a plot, a variety of followers are curious regarding the origins of the comedy film. Is it impressed by true events or simply a little bit of fiction? Well, we’re proper right here to find the an identical.

Is August: Osage County a True Story?

No, ‘August: Osage County’ simply isn’t primarily based on a actual story. The movie is impressed by the eponymous play by Tracy Letts that premiered in 2007. Letts moreover took up his pen to put in writing down the screenplay of the massive show display adaptation of his play. Despite the fictional nature of the movie’s plotline, the characters are actually impressed by these near and dear to the playwright. In reality, Violet Weston depends on Letts’ maternal grandmother. One of an important causes behind him writing the play was Letts reminiscing about his childhood reminiscences of his grandmother.

Despite the identical perspective and mindset, there are apparently some variations between the real-life grandmother and Violet Weston. “My grandmother perhaps wasn’t capable of the language that Violet is,” he suggested The Denver Post. When the author confirmed an early draft of the play to his mother, he was nervous that she wouldn’t want it. Much to his shock, his mother merely claimed that Letts had been too lenient in route of his grandmother.

“I don’t condone or approve of any of her behavior, but I grew a kind of sympathy for my grandmother, and for Violet, over the process of this play,” Letts confessed. “Because despite all of those monstrous things she does and says, I don’t know she had a lot of choices. I don’t know that people necessarily choose to be bad. I think she was a product of her environment.” Letts talked about how the circumstances surrounding his grandmother’s youthful years had had an infinite hand in shaping her into what she grew to turn into in her later years.

Letts’ notion comes from his grandmother’s diary, which she wrote on the age of twelve. The journal was given to Letts by his mother. “It’s just what any young girl might think about, write about, dream about,” Letts shared. “But then, when you consider all the damage that happened to any person of her generation growing up the way she did. My grandmother went to bed hungry. She was married at 15, and she was a mother at 16. And her own mother was a real monster. Obviously, that behavior is learned, and it does get passed down, and it takes a real leap to try to break that cycle.”

John Wells, who helmed the 2013 film, moreover related to a variety of of the antics showcased inside the film. Interestingly enough, all through the manufacturing of the film, the strong was dwelling all through the an identical residence, which helped foster the family dynamics even larger whereas the cameras had been rolling. Apparently, the actors would fall once more into the an identical patterns as their on-screen counterparts, though with markedly a lot much less negativity.

Even though ‘August: Osage County’ simply isn’t a real-life story. Several elements inside the film are impressed by points that a imply specific particular person may need seen inside their very personal households. While the antics of the characters inside the comedy film are undoubtedly exaggerated, they aren’t that purely out of the bounds of actuality. Whether it’s the awkward family dinners or the tough dynamics showcased inside the movie, the viewers can merely relate to a variety of characters and circumstances inside the Meryl Streep starrer.


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