Is Blood Diamond Based on a True Story?


‘Blood Diamond’ is a 2006 political warfare movement thriller that follows a fisherman and a diamond smuggler on the trail of a priceless diamond. The story, set in war-torn Sierra Leone, services on the fisherman Solomon Vandy’s ( Djimon Hounsou) look for his son, who has been recruited into the child soldier militia. At the similar time, the smuggler, Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), tries to utilize the prospect to get his fingers on the priceless stone unearthed by Vandy.

The film paints a stark portrayal of the place a lot of the world’s diamonds come from and depicts gut-wrenching atrocities in the direction of the people of Sierra Leone. Danny Archer and Solomon Vandy’s journey varieties the distinctive central narrative of a film that seems to depict some harsh realities. But how true to life is ‘Blood Diamond’ actually? Let’s try whether or not or not the film depends on a actual story or not.

Is Blood Diamond a True Story?

No, ‘Blood Diamond’ shouldn’t be based on a actual story. The film is directed by Edward Zwick from a screenplay by Charles Leavitt and a narrative by Leavitt and C. Gaby Mitchell. Though the story revolves spherical fictional characters, the film’s backdrop makes an try and broadly depict Sierra Leone in the midst of the civil warfare. The brutal village assaults, taking of hostages and putting them into pressured labor to fund the warfare are all loosely based on the events that occurred throughout the war-torn African nation between 1991 and 2002.

The film is prepared throughout the warfare’s later years and closes on a scene impressed by an exact conference held in 2000 in Kimberley, South Africa. The conference led to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to stem the transfer of battle diamonds. However, the distinctive script was not initially wrapped throughout the weighty topic materials that ‘Blood Diamond’ covers.

According to director Edward Zwick, the story superior from an “Indian Jones-ish adventure script” about two males that uncover a priceless diamond in Botswana. The narrative was then modified to be set in Sierra Leone by additional writers, who launched the fisherman’s character, Solomon Vandy. It was solely after this that Zwick made his private modifications to the script and launched the aspect of Solomon’s look for his son. Most notably, this moreover launched the aspect of child troopers throughout the story, which varieties a chilling a a part of the final word film.

The director made the theme of child troopers central to the film by making Solomon’s son actually considered one of them. This is probably going one of many options throughout which the filmmaker carried out deep evaluation and launched an unprecedented diploma of authenticity to the film. Zwick actually traveled to Africa to satisfy former teenager troopers and understand their experiences. Apart from forming the emotional core of his film, Zwick moreover mentioned how battle diamonds in Africa had been inseparable from the issue of child troopers.

In fact, considered one of many people who consulted on the film went so far as to hope that their depiction in ‘Blood Diamond’ would help former teenager troopers be increased understood, serving to their reintegration into society. Understanding what teenager troopers went via would moreover help people forgive them and doubtless switch on from the tragic warfare.

Just identical to the teenager troopers, the fictional character of Danny Archer moreover benefits from a well-thought-out backstory that makes him actually really feel pretty real. Originally slated to be American, the character was modified to be a South African smuggler who has grown up via the apartheid and works as a private contractor for big diamond conglomerates.

Ultimately, ‘Blood Diamond’ is an almost completely fictional story set in the direction of a chillingly cheap backdrop. The film stays reliable to the exact timeline of the warfare and areas its closing scenes amidst a conference that really occurred. The phenomenon of child troopers and totally different atrocities of warfare are moreover depicted with relative authenticity, given the first-hand knowledge collected by the filmmakers from former teenager troopers.

Zwick has talked about that his film is regarding the duties of shopper society and understanding how one’s purchases have repercussions elsewhere. Through ‘Blood Diamond,’ the director makes an try and faithfully depict the situation surrounding illicit diamonds in Sierra Leone using a masterfully written and well-researched fictional narrative.


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