Is Johanna Constantine Gay or Bisexual in The Sandman?


Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ is a fantasy assortment that follows the exploits of an otherworldly being often called Dream. The story begins collectively together with his seize by a bunch of sorcerers who protect him in a glass cage for better than a century. When he’s lastly freed, his first plan of motion is to retrieve the problems that had been stolen from him. The look for a sort of objects leads him to a woman, named Johanna Constantine, whose skills have led her to develop to be a royal exorcist.

With the scale of the story that ‘The Sandman’ tells, there are many characters with distinctive personalities. Apart from serving a wide range of characters to the viewers, the current moreover reveals completely totally different shades of the colors of a rainbow, making itself a very inclusive story. Johanna Constantine is among the many vital characters inside the current, and for individuals who’re questioning the place she falls on the sexuality spectrum, then proper right here’s what should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Is Johanna Constantine Gay or Bisexual?

Johanna Constantine, carried out by Jenna Coleman, is bisexual in ‘The Sandman’. The nature of her sexuality is revealed when Dream comes knocking on her door, asking for his pouch that was taken from him all through his captivity by Roderick Burgess. Johanna says that she left it inside the residence that she used to share alongside together with her ex, Rachel. Against her must see the ex with whom she didn’t half the best means, Johanna arrives at Rachel’s, hoping to tie points up. However, she discovers that in in search of out why Johanna had abruptly disappeared, Rachel had contacted her totally different exes. The itemizing incorporates names like Sarah, Oliver, and Kit, which displays that Johanna is bisexual.

While her sexuality has little or no to do with the character of her work, it’s a essential side of the illustration of bisexual characters on the show, significantly referring to Constantine. In the comics, the modern-day exorcist whose paths cross with that of Dream is unquestionably John Constantine. Johanna Constantine is his ancestor, who centuries in the previous had interrupted a gathering between Dream and Hob Gadling. While bringing the characters to the Netlflix assortment, it was found most interesting to have one particular person play the perform of every Constantines, which is what led John to develop to be Johanna.

This transformation was solely a superficial change as Coleman’s Constantine stays fairly dedicated to the mannequin that appears inside the comics. The current’s Constantine moreover stays dedicated to comics Constantine by means of sexuality, as he’s moreover portrayed as a bisexual character. His sexuality was first established inside the comics revealed inside the early nineties the place it’s implied that his exes are every men and women, similar to we see inside the current. Over the years, further lovers of various sexualities had their names jotted down inside the itemizing of Constantine’s exes.

While the comic books had been very open about his bisexuality, the show variations of the character not typically observed that side of him. It wasn’t until DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ that this side of his persona was accurately acknowledged. As normally happens, the bisexuality of characters is usually straight-washed or is most popular to be saved to the homosexual end of the spectrum (an issue that Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ tackles inside the arc of Queen Maeve). Netflix, however, has in no way shied away from inclusion and the similar issue goes for the characters in ‘The Sandman’.


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