Is John Wick Based on a True Story?


Chad Stahelski and David Leitch teamed as a lot as direct ‘John Wick,’ a gripping 2014 movement thriller movie with a compelling contact. Featuring Keanu Reeves as a result of the titular character, the narrative follows John as he goes on a revenge spree after some vandals steal his basic automotive and kill his pet. While full of cerebral stunts and backed by a wonderful effectivity by Reeves, you will want to shock if the movie borrows from an exact incident. If the question of the movie’s credibility is bugging you, enable us to launch an investigation.

Is John Wick a True Story?

‘John Wick’ is partially based totally on a actual story. Mingling fantasy, fable, and realism, the screenwriter conjured the unlikely movement hero. Chad Stahelski and David Leitch collectively directed the movie, although the latter solely will get credit score rating as a producer. They made the movie from a screenplay penned by Derek Kolstad. After 2017 comic, a 2020 graphic novel, 5 motion pictures inside the books, a spin-off televisions sequence, and three video video video games, ‘John Wick’ has turn into an empire of a franchise.

However, you is likely to be astonished to know that the first movie rests on an exact incident. Kolstad had finalized the script by 2012 when Thunder Road Pictures picked it up. After the acquisition, the puzzle progressively fell into place as a result of the screenplay went by way of additional rewrites. Kolstad initially labored on a script a couple of retired gun-for-hire coming out of hibernation for vengeance, titled ‘Scorn.’

In a month, Kolstad completed the first draft and pitched it to a variety of purchasers, getting on the very least three presents in a row. Kolstad was influenced by the film noir fashion, along with its revenge motif and tragic antihero. For the writer, the works of Alistair MacLean and Stephen King marked a chord in world-building.

Initially, the screenwriter wished someone inside the mid-sixties to play the place of John Wick for his seasoned historic previous. However, the producers thought the component was irrelevant and started attempting as a substitute for a seasoned face inside the commerce, closing in on Keanu Reeves. The creative group decided to change the title to ‘John Wick’ solely after the insistence of Reeves, who wholly invested inside the enterprise.

The story borrows unfastened inspiration from an incident involving the earlier Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. The veteran soldier wrote ‘Lone Survivor,’ chronicling the experience of his fireteam in Afghanistan in 2005. Meanwhile, after his return from service, Luttrell moved to Texas. He obtained a yellow labrador pet, whom he named DASY, after the establish of his group in Afghanistan. On April 1, 2009, some males broke into his Texas residence, killing DASY.

Luttrell took no time to arm himself with two 9mm Beretta pistols, chasing the boys in his truck. The police later obtained preserve of the goons, who had been later sentenced for animal cruelty. Luttrell later talked about of the incident that he spared the vandals since he had killed adequate people already. However, the fictional John Wick turns into bloodier as a result of the movie paces forward, the kill rely reaching 84. Therefore, whereas the premise borrows from the Navy SEAL’s experience, the film stays fictional primarily in its methodology.


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