Is Lifetime’s My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend Based on a True Story?

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Lifetime’s ‘My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend’ (initially titled ‘Sister Obsession’) is a thriller drama film helmed by Danny J. Boyle that focuses on a neighborhood reporter named Maddie who’s involved inside the investigation of a assortment of mysterious killings with an identical pattern. One day, when her youthful sister, Olivia, just about turns into the next sufferer in her personal residence, it would get non-public for Maddie and can get pulled into the investigation deeper.

Following the scare, Maddie advises Olivia to affix a self-defense course, merely as a precautionary measure. Soon, the latter begins to fall head over heels in love collectively along with her instructor, about whom she hardly is conscious of one thing. The suspicious nature of the coach makes Maddie intervene inside the state of affairs sooner than her sister finds herself in grave hazard. Featuring Brianna Cohen and Revell Carpenter, the movie captivates the viewers by means of the inclusion of a variety of acquainted and associated elements inside the narrative. The seemingly true-to-life themes moreover make one ask the question — is ‘My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend’ based totally on true events? Well, let’s uncover the similar collectively!

Is My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend a True Story?

No, ‘My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend’ isn’t based totally on a actual story. Instead, the intriguing screenplay for the thriller could possibly be credited to the creative ideas and good writing of Andrea Shawcross. Previously, she has labored as a screenwriter for varied genres of flicks, along with ‘Love on Harbor Island,’ ‘A Vineyard Romance,’ and the thriller ‘Dying to Win.’ Thus, making the most of all the experience beneath her belt and writing prowess, Shawcross was able to offer you the screenplay for this Lifetime manufacturing.

One of the primary the explanation why a few of it’s attainable you’ll contemplate the storyline has ties to actuality is as a results of life like themes it presents with, along with serial killers and the utilization of deception by people to get what they want. Over the years, now we have now come all through these elements in a main amount of flicks and TV reveals, along with ‘Run Sweetheart Run,’ ‘Dexter‘ and ‘You,’ which naturally makes them seem acquainted to us. However, one in all many aptest examples should be that of ‘Fresh.’

Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan, the comedy thriller movie revolves throughout the chance meeting between Noa and the handsome Steve at a grocery retailer, after which the earlier presents him her amount, following the disappointing outcomes of the courting apps. Little does she know that by doing so, she has made herself weak to the however unknown appetites of Steve, whom she hardly is conscious of one thing about. As you probably can accumulate, this theme of latest courting, earlier to getting to truly know any person, is seen in every ‘My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend’ and ‘Fresh.’

Soon, when Noa and Steve go for a romantic weekend getaway, she realizes the bizarre wants and appetites that Steve hides behind his charming character and face. Now, she ought to do the whole thing she’s going to to save lots of plenty of herself from turning into his sufferer. While the theme of deception is frequent inside the two movement footage in question, the one distinction is that there’s the presence of a savior decide inside the kind of Maddie in ‘My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend,’ not like ‘Fresh.’

Similarly, in precise life, now we have now all heard of serial killers luring their victims beneath the pretense of being widespread and nice people, and when the possibility arises, they go for the kill. So, no matter having all these ties to precise life, it doesn’t change the reality that the Lifetime movie is simply a piece of fiction.


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