Is Lifetime’s The Surrogate Scandal Based on a True Story?

Starring Catherine Dyer as Amelia, Lifetime’s ‘The Surrogate Scandal’ is a thriller film that revolves spherical Amelia who agrees to be a secret surrogate for the celeb couple Grace and Alex Hardy. However, points flip bitter when she finds out that Grace had a failed childbirth, which resulted inside the demise of her estranged daughter, Beth. Given the seemingly suspicious circumstances surrounding your total tragedy, Amelia decides to infiltrate the Hardy residence by posing as a nanny.

As Amelia investigates and spends further time with the family, she learns some darkish secrets and techniques and methods about her daughter’s demise. Directed by Amanda J. Strachan, the thriller movie comprises a variety of lifelike and acquainted themes, along with surrogacy, which is why it’s pure for a few of you to pose the question — is ‘The Surrogate Scandal’ rooted truly or not? Well, let’s uncover the similar collectively, lets?

Is The Surrogate Scandal a True Story?

No, ‘The Surrogate Scandal’ won’t be based on a actual story. Despite the similarities with actuality, the storyline of the Lifetime film is the product of Vicky L. Neal’s creative ideas and glorious writing prowess. With adequate experience beneath her belt, from writing screenplays for ‘The Lioness’ and ‘Romanorum,’ she was able to conjure up a sensible however intriguing screenplay for the Amanda J. Strachan directorial. 

As talked about above, a lot of you might uncover the Luisa d’Oliveira starrer pretty lifelike as a results of it primarily revolves throughout the predominant theme of surrogacy, which isn’t one factor extraordinary in precise life. As unfortunate as it’d sound nevertheless there exist two-faced people truly as correctly, which is portrayed aptly by the character of Amelia who poses as a nurse to invade the privateness of the Hardy household.

Besides that, one other excuse why the Lifetime movie might appear type of acquainted to you is that there are many movies and TV reveals, akin to ‘When The Bough Breaks’ and ‘Together Together,’ that focus on associated themes and conditions of surrogacy whereas highlighting the issues it’d ship to the desk. However, in all probability essentially the most acceptable examples must be that of the 2013 thriller thriller film titled ‘The Surrogate.’

Starring Cameron Mathison, Annie Wersching, Amy Scott, and Matthew Alan, the Doug Campbell directorial follows a married couple who wrestle to conceive a toddler of their very personal in order that they decide to take the help of a youthful woman and hire her as their surrogate. After they spend a whereas collectively, the surrogate’s true nature includes delicate and the couple finds out that she has ulterior motives of her private.

As you may need noticed, the matters of surrogacy and the deceitful nature of people to get what they want are explored in ‘The Surrogate’ just like in ‘The Surrogate Scandal.’ Thus, by considering all the above-mentioned components, it is perhaps truthful to say that whatever the inclusion of lifelike matters, the Lifetime movie doesn’t have one thing to do with actuality and is a piece of fiction.


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