Is New Heights’ Berno a Real Company? Is Neumatt a Real Farm?


Created by Marianne Wendt, ‘New Heights’ is an immersive familial drama sequence with adequate twists, turns, and revelations to entice the viewers. The story unfolds at a cerebral tempo whereas lending a lens inward to grab the psychological turmoil of the characters. After the suicide of Kurt Wyss, his family comes collectively to cope with the loss. The Wyss family farm stays beneath crushing debt, nevertheless it ties the family down. Kurt’s children wrestle to resolve learn how to switch on with their lives, whereas Michi takes a hazard by investing inside the failing farm. The story speaks for itself with an a-list solid ensemble and great digicam work and soundtrack. However, it’s potential you’ll ponder whether or not Berno, Michi’s employer, is a real-life evil firm in Switzerland. Also, is Neumatt based on an exact farm? Let us probe extra. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Berno A Real Company?

In the story, Michi works for the enterprise consultancy company Berno, which gives utterly with milk and dairy merchandise. Michi strives for achievement and makes use of his background as a farmer to know pertinent data from large-scale farmers like Peterhans. Berno influences the market using the data, and out of the blue, the farmers uncover themselves with their backs in opposition to the wall. Therefore, the farmers stage a protest in entrance of Berno’s office. Michi teams up with the farmers, and collectively, they storm into the office. Michi delivers a heartfelt speech to mediate the situation.

However, you might ponder whether or not Berno is an exact agency established in Switzerland. Berno is completely fictional, as a result of the creators sought to keep away from political and licensed troubles. However, the company may need been impressed by the Swiss Branch Organization Milk (BOM). This associated group was at loggerheads with Swiss farmers over dairy milk prices in September 2018. When the company decided to depart the A-target price for dairy milk at €0.60 per kg, the farmers demanded a good price cap and a diploma collaborating in self-discipline. Therefore, there seems to be further reality to the fictional agency than what meets the eye.

Is Neumatt A Real Farm?

Swiss dairy farm “Neumatt” lies on the guts of the unfolding story. Kurt, the patriarch of the Wyss family, owned and sorted the farm. However, Kurt seemingly broke beneath stress as a result of his collected cash owed in an monetary setting the place small and mid-level farmers must make every day compromises. While giving his eldest son, Michi, a title within the midst of the evening time, Kurt lets Michi know that he’s proud that his son is good with numbers. That is as far as he can come, although, on reflection, Kurt’s phone title comes off as a decided final attempt at bringing the family collectively. Did Kurt moreover discover out about Katherina’s illicit affair? The sequence doesn’t give a turning into reply, nevertheless it may have been the case.

After Kurt’s demise, his offspring Michi, Lorenz (“Lolo”), and Sarah are pure heirs of the property. Kurt asks Michi to help Lorenz turn into a longtime farmer in a letter that Katherina henceforth hid to herself. In the meantime, Sarah and the relations have obtained a suggestion of some gravity from town mayor, Ursula. According to Ursula, the family ought to advertise the farm for 3 million Francs to a multinational agency that will assemble a distribution coronary heart on the farm’s premises. This method, they’ll repay all the debt (a cumulated sum of 700000 Francs) and have some additional money to protected their futures. Sarah’s gymnasium enterprise has taken a success. Thus, she considers selling the farm, whereas Michi considers investing in it no matter all odds.

Neumatt isn’t an exact farm, nevertheless Kurt and Neumatt’s entwined story is advisor, as a result of it speaks for a complete bunch of small and mid-level farmers who’ve been crushed beneath bludgeoning debt. Gentrification is a apparent neighborhood topic that’s nonetheless on the guts of the speak all through areas and nations. The tussle between the invisible multinational agency attempting to construct up property, and the seen woes of the family vying for the ancestral land, conditions a lot of the stress inside the narrative. You may need heard the proverb {that a} farmer’s life is tied to his land. Therefore, by chronicling the story of the Wyss family, and the farm Neumatt, the sequence reminds the viewers of additional such farms which have gone extinct amidst immense monetary stress.


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